3:01 PM, Sunday, August 31st, 2014:
This is such an unbelievable entry. So excited.
So through a mutual friend on Facebook, Jeff Doucette, I was able to get in touch with Gedde Watanabe and we set-up a meeting at Bob's Big Boy (his recommendation, of all the places, right?) and ended up sitting there for 2 HOURS. So approachable, so witty, so much fun... it couldn't possibly have gone any better.

The reason for the meeting was to see how we got along... because I had an idea. He is unable to come to the Labor Day tournament because he will be in Utah that weekend - so I wanted to set-up something to film ahead of time for the event video. I also had the "charity" issue with Weird Al and I knew it was time to have something to pitch that had nothing to do with a charity. It was finally time to do the interview idea I mentioned last year...
So I started making a spoof of "Comedians in Cars getting Coffee". I thought a spoof was a good way to get it noticed and the truth is? There's nothing really new about CCC. Several shows have done the "let's do an interview in a weird place" schtick. In fact - one guy 10 years ago had an internet show interviewing people in cars. <shrugs> It's been done... but none as good as Seinfeld's.

There's one aspect that annoyed me about the show though - they are all comedians. And although most can do a conversation without reverting to their schtick - enough had trouble that it became boring. In my experience, most comedians fall into the category of having to rely on their jokes or actively TRYING to be funny in long-form interviews. So really, the fact that CCC has a majority of guests that don't fall into that category is a testament to how good his guests are. It's a specifically difficult trait for people that address themselves as "comedians". In fact, here's a category where Improv beats Stand-up. Most improv peeps can roll with a situation and float to the funny without forcing it... few stand-ups can. Ironically? Normal people? As long as they're comfortable on camera can often be extremely interesting depending on the topic.
So I made this parody logo:
And the date was set for the interview. I actually needed some camera guys (got 2, probably need 3) and I did a ton of research on Gedde. I know some people feel it's better to come into an interview cold and, well, fuck those people. LOL. Actually, no, in certain circumstances that can be true - but in this show? I hold far more weight than usual. As is the case with CCC, it's more about the conversation and hanging out with the 2 people on-screen rather than a question and answer. So in that case? You need to know the person you're with. Fairly well. I watched a bunch of movies, read a bunch of interviews and felt I had an angle that hadn't really been approached with Gedde. And on top of that? He's just a riot - so you're having fun no matter what.
...and the interview went so well, the minigolf worked so well, having the Delorean worked so well - HOLY BALLS did I start getting excited cutting it together. We both come off so natural it's barely even noticeable. You know? I'm always acutely aware of good interviewers or rather, good conversationalists on TV. Because it's extremely rare. There were so many great dynamics that work for this show, my head started to spin. It's finally something where I like me in it. Not some character I play, but I actually see ME as mainstream. That's never happened. "Adam" comes off like an arrogant prick no matter how hard I try to avoid it. It just happens. It always has. It's why The Egos worked... the characters could goof on him and they were loveable... but in this format? I want to hang out with Gedde and I want to hang out with Adam. That's better than I thought it would be. But back to the dynamics...
-Backyard minigolf course. What? It's just interesting.
-The interviewer wants to win. Badly. He's legit trying to make up the Wheel of Fish strokes and is notiecably annoyed when he isn't able to.
-The interviewee doesn't take it seriously and is giggling about it all.
-The cuts between holes is a perfect place for the random stories and questions because we HAVE to break to continue the game. There's a natural flow thanks to there being only 9 holes.
-Although it doesn't in the first episode so much, the "hats" angle is a great starting off point because everyone has a hat they have an unreasonable attachment to. It's why we keep them for years when they look as jacked as my LA Dodgers cap. It means so much to me. That's weird. And I have yet to meet someone who doesn't have a hat that has stories. I like stories. Crazy part? The "hat" portion was just Talya trying to be funny as I initially had it "Interesting People Walking Playing Minigolf". She said "IN HATS!" being funny... and I said:  "Uhm, actually, that's perfect." And history is made!!! THANK YOU TALYA.
-Uhm, Delorean Time Machine. Duh. What an awesome prize for beating me. A ride in the Delorean. Killer.
-My story, though painful, is extremely interesting to people. People are willing to be vulnerable and talk about their personal shit because mine is almost ALWAYS far more intense and it sets the tone. It's extremely helpful when trying to have a real conversation about life with people. Stop the bullshit, let's talk. Don't pimp your latest project, let's talk. How is your LIFE going?
But yeah, more than anything I feel like this is what I'm supposed to be doing. Of course as I was cutting it all together I realized the parody was totally unnecesary and actually hurts it. So I changed the name to Hats & Minigolf and here we are. Futuer episodes will also be less like the CCC opening. I just never thought it would have worked out so well. Please enjoy this...
Just, wow. I'm just so excited. That worked so well... I am at a loss for words. No I'm not. I'm never at a loss for words. LOL.
Laura Adler is already stoked, contacting people and of course - HER FATHER - Hesh from The Sopranos will be in town in December. That's an absolute must. Besides being a fan, we actually have some funny personal stories - it's an excuse to tell my Gandolfini story and I can't wait. For now though, I'm trying to finalize things with Joel Murray (Freddy Rumsen on Mad Men) and most likely Don Fullilove will do an episode. I need a big name in the first 3 though... it'll happen.

I also like the "Let's just get this out of the way" being the first question because everyone has that thing they're known for that they're absolutely sick of. Everyone at home is thinking about it, and I just want that shit over with so we can have fun - but it has to be addresed. That's a cool angle.
Alright - must move on and get ready for Labor Day. So much going on. What an amazing month. WHAT AN AMAZING VIDEO. Man this feels like a moment...
...all thanks to Weird Al Yankovic. Wild.