12:46 PM, Sunday, August 10th, 2014:
I know, I know, if it were easy everyone would do it. But sometimes, isn't it easy? Ever?
So, I finished the epic Wheel of Fish:
...and promptly contacted Al's business manager Jay about doing something in a form of a dedication for charity, etc. Unfortunately, they chose long ago to do all charity work "quietly, non-publically and below the radar" which completely erases GolfKon. It's the only time I have had charity be a deterrent to involvement but I do understand.
So, I move on to the host of "Wheel of Fish", Kuni (Gedde Watanabe) & Bob (Al's co-star from UHF), David Bowe and see if we can't pull off something for the Labor Day Tournament. I'm pretty bummed of course, but I really thought I had avoided this issue by NOT making GolfKon a charity. There's so much suspicion when you do that and since sponsors donate to the charities DIRECTLY I thought I made the best win-win possible. Maybe I still did, but it's tough in situations like this. I still have to find a way to get Al to the course but if there can never be a picture or video because it looks like he's endorsing something... UGH.
But the wheel is done and what an absolute pain in the ass that was. Cost well over $200 and was quite a feat to make safe. I made it so I have a ton of warning signs that it's tipping before it would ever fall. And honestly? That thing is probably more secure than parts of my HOUSE. I just looked at the roof from the front the other day and it's basically caved in. (sigh) And of course that section of the house is the vaulted ceiling so a "fix" is a complete remodel. UGGGGGGH. I am hella-proud of the wheel however:
I ended up having to paint all the fish by hand because remarkably when purchasing plastic fish - you have about 3 options. Period. I went far and wide on the 'net and just nothin'. Not in a legit size anyway. There's a ton if you're going for the Nemo size (which I thought was cute for one) but man, is there really not a call for realistic looking plastic fish? I'm not actually joking - LOL - for movies? Something? Anyway, struck me as odd there were only a couple versions and I had to paint 'em to make them look different.
Well, wish me luck with Gedde and David. If I can pull them off, I may try to contact Michael Richards, but I just don't see him showin' up without Al being there. Gedde is pretty crucial though since this wheel was his big scene.
Oh and in case you were wondering (and you avoid watching videos in the entries) the wheel is a random number generator for ties as well as a multiplier for charity dollars. It was getting awfully boring starting on Hole 9 for every single tournament when there's ties (there's ALWAYS ties in golf) so this solves a problem I've been wanting to fix for a year now. I was considering making a "Price is Right" wheel next to the GolfKo hole but the Delorean kinda nixed that idea. So glad I waited until the stars alligned so to speak. That's actually the most wonderful part about GolfKon... nothing has been forced. Like, I have a ton of ideas for the holes that aren't themed - but it's more fun to see what celebrities I can get involved and then have their pasts or roles dictate how the course transforms. Especially since there will eventually be an end.
What a crazy life, huh? I wrote this status update a couple days ago:
"In 2012 I turned my back on every talent I ever shared, and just started rebuilding my life. I never questioned the stream I was floating down, I just kept creating. It became minigolf, oddly. And it became charity hole dedications that I never forced, I just followed what came up. It has lead to a wheel of fish in my backyard... and who knows what else. It's nice not to force, but to float. Everything around me is now organic. It's quite bizarre, but it's what was supposed to happen. I wonder what happens next..."