1:20 PM, Friday, August 8th, 2014:
FINALLY IT'S PUBLIC. My goodness this took too long, but what a great way to announce it: An LA Weekly Story. Here are screenshots in case something goofy happens:


Very nice and lengthy piece and I'm happy to be such a big part of it. So I guess it's fair to say I've joined a band. That's honestly how it feels. I will be at every one of their shows and hopefully it becomes a lucrative relationship throughout the big 2015 next year. This is Part 2 of the "partnership" goals for RentTheDelorean.com (although technically, Part 3 - but when we finish Claudia's commercial that will be another phase).

Oh and although I have long since cared about mistakes in press (seriously, I don't think I've ever been involved in a news story on TV or print that wasn't wrong in a bunch of places), I can at least say here in my journal: that "I don't like Back to the Future" was kind of out of context. The context was that the reporter was noticeably looking around the backyard and thinking I must be some UBER movie fanboy. I was expressing that it was honestly a business decision, I'm not that big of a fan that I would buy a fucking prop car. I own NO props of any sort. I'm not a "thing" guy at all. However, when it comes to movies? Back to the Future has always been one of my favorite trilogies and at 9 years old when I saw that movie with my dad it inspired the hell out of me. Part 2 is why my documentary goes back INTO the first entry and grabs 2000 Adam - an absolute homage (rip-off) of that plot device in Part 2. I love the shit out of that movie and could honestly watch it weekly...
...however, I'm not the fanboy that buys dolls and action figures and models and props and eventually had to have the entire fucking car. LOL. No offense to all you guys, I understand passions, it just happens to be that you're reading the only passion I could ever have: The Journey. This is my life, documenting my world one entry at a time so at some point my kids will know the man I was - not the old fuck who doesn't have energy to do anything anymore. ;-)
Also, it is implied you can drive the car and while yes, in certain closed setting I will allow that? This is not a rental where you go take it for a spin for the weekend. I DON'T EVEN DO THAT. This is a museum on wheels. It is rarely driven unless someone is paying me or it's a marketing event. It is not for fun in the least and I sure as hell can't let you TAKE IT AWAY. Just sayin'.
So, as you can probably guess me getting this partnership with Flux means some other cars decidedly didn't. The truth is? No one is pushing it like I am and I don't think they take this personally. And? I'm fighting NEW cars that I'm sure will be coming next year. I am making these commercials, hitting the radio, tv and paper (and paying hundreds online) and lowering my rates to the minimum so everyone understands that this will not be an even playing field for you if you decide to take this on professionally. And frankly? I'm stunned the people that had the cars for years didn't do the same. No one owned it. They didn't attack, they didn't partner up - I mean, a car Flux was working with before me made them dress up as characters and run behind the car in a parade in return for being at an event. What the serious fuck? Be professional, treat your partners professionally and know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Don't nickel and dime the band for gas money when they aren't making money - support them now, make them the biggest goddamned 80s band in this state and then reap the benefits.
So, I'm excited. The great part is, I do feel like part of a family now. I've become particularly close with Ryan (keyboardist, of course) and the entire band was over for the interview. We all played minigolf and basketball and shared THE biggest pizza (36") I have ever seen and ate the FUCK out of it.
It's a very happy time. This is an awesome month, I am SOO glad that other shit is behind me. Time to start enjoying this business. Giddy-up.