12:05 AM, Friday, August 1st, 2014:
When Don first told me the story of how his part in Back to the Future 2 came to be, I winced. He wasn't their first choice (but Earl Scheib fucking DIED - lol) and the negotiations were contentious. I winced because I had always had it in the back of my mind that it would be an awesome commercial to parody his "Hover Conversions" from BTTF 2 but I didn't want him to feel used. However as the weeks and months passed and we spent more time together - I figured this could be quite beneficial to both of us and I ran a partnership by him...
He said yes.
But I didn't tell him EXACTLY what I was planning but he was so ready to move forward I had to lay it out:  I wanted to parody the hover-conversion part from Back to the Future 2. For those that don't remember:
He dug it and was ready to go. As I mention in the "Partnership Trio" when anyone within the trinity wins? We all win. I wasn't sure if everyone truly understood that? But after this, I'm certain at least Don does. I helped him out by bringing the Delorean to a show he was at and the next day I told him about the commercial. Incredibly, that was Monday - we shot it on Tuesday, and I shot the outdoor stuff and finished it on Wednesday. And although I could probably labor over tiny details for weeks to make it "perfect", this turned out incredibly. For those that don't remember the part from the movie - here's what we were parodying (about a minute in):
And here's the finished product:
Beautiful. I just want to say to anyone reading this out there: You can do anything if you put your mind to it without a ton of money (and I'm not saying that because it's a line from "Back to the Future"). Did all of that in 24 hours. The "green screen" was a freaking SHEET in my kitchen with ZERO lighting but my kitchen window. I went on google maps to find the location just flying around Glendale. The "Cartoon" delorean was a picture of my own delorean that I googled "how do I make my picture look like a cartoon". Seriously people, stop thinking you're not capable. Believing you are is literally 75% of the battle. And the end result? Is awesome. The people that are willing to rent that thing? Are the people that will "get" that commercial. I'm thrilled.
It was also the moment I finally poured a drink and toasted to the past 4 months of hell I have gone through to get here: my business model is working. I knew I would have to put up with copius amounts of shit from ***, but to meet my business goals? There was no other choice. And now, as I start August? I have 3 huge relationships that are cemented for 2015. Don and I are both actively pimping both of us to anyone who will listen. Th e goal is to be on the bill before the events are even announced. This is also where the 3rd leg, The Flux Capacitors, come in. If we all hustle now, we will be on every Back to the Future themed event we want in 2015.
So Don is now on the RentTheDelorean.com bandwagon and will be pimping us in tandem. Of course, unlike The Flux Capacitors agreement (announced next entry), there's no way Don will avoid ever being in someone else's Delorean. But in the greater LA Area? We are a team. We can make offers to venues they can't refuse. You book Don? He comes with his own Delorean. You book The Flux Capacitors? They come with their own Delorean. You book RentTheDelorean.com, we have packages available that encompass all of 'em. Claudia Wells too. She just hurt her back and it has delayed our commercial shoot. This has been the plan since April:shore up these relationships NOW, so there is no question who the goto Time Machine is for 2015.
This commercial is the first step. Tomorrow, an interview with LA Weekly for The Flux Capacitors announcing their new partnership with RentTheDelorean.com.
August is lookin' good.