6:04 PM, Wednesday, June 11th, 2014:
I need to apologize to my Delorean. I, uhm, kinda bad-mouthed it in #1450 and I'm feeling a bit sheepish. Granted, it was indeed the car's electrical system that was malfunctioned but since so much of that is haywire thanks to the modification? I can hardly blame Del.
I'm so sorry. I mentioned I didn't think you would even start when someone asked me to start you. The truth is? You probably wouldn't have. Because you had no gas.
In fact, you ran with no gas for so long, that my last trip with you had you stalling over a dozen times in a 2 mile radius. The thought that your gas gauge might not be working properly never even occured to me since I put gas in you when I got you, you were at 3/4 of a tank and were then at just under 1/2 of a tank. Seemed like it was working. Clearly it was not. Because when I finally filled you up? I put 13.7 gallons in a 13.2 gallon tank. Holy jesus I'm sorry.
But wow, you went a long time with no gas. I'm floored. I've been stalling with you for the last 20 miles? You just kept goin' man. Amazing. I take back everything I said...
...so far.
This was so insane. People... I talked to everyone I knew - even had my dad asking people: we all thought it was the fuel filter. Even the mechanic I finally got it to yesterday thought it was the fuel filter or fuel pump. It wasn't until I stalled backing down their entrance that it hit both of us: could it be the gas? It wouldn't even turn-over which was new and then would once it was level. I have never run out of gas before but I came pretty damned close and the tell-tale sign was on an incline it just stalled... my tank still said 1/2 full so now I was a bit annoyed. I got it to the gas station and went to fill up? No credit card.
UGH. I freaking forgot my wallet? Really? So imagine this scene on a busy street corner:
Yeah that lasted about 3 minutes until I just got flooded. I finally got a hold of Fred who came to my rescue and to be honest? It was nice talking to people. I mean it just makes everyone so happy. Some little kid ran and sat in the driver's seat and I barely flinched. Go for it kid, had you asked I would've said no. Good move. LMAO.
But you guys do not understand what I was about to do had I not taken this car out to pick up the HD file of last month's story from CBS. I was about to take apart the entire fuel system, buying the tools along the way - the car would've been a wreck for easily a week or two while I waited on parts and tools... and at the end of all that? NOTHING WOULD'VE CHANGED BECAUSE THE ENTIRE TIME IT WAS OUT OF FUCKING GAS.
Like... I would've been a crazy man. So - thank the heavens people because it was about to get ugly up in here. It was gas. The car, was out, of gas. I told my dad finally and he just shook his head. It's just something you never think of because gas gauges usually work and seriously this car went FOREVER without gas. I don't know HOW it started that many times without gas. Amazing.
Of course now to fix the fuel gauge... but for the time being I'll just fill it up every 100 miles. Meh. It's a good excuse to talk to people though. May have even gotten a gig out of it.
Oh and the CBS file - jesus this was giving me flashbacks. I mean at least they're in HD but I haven't the slightest idea why things are this tough. It was like this when I worked there. Getting anything technical took weeks of emails and the actual transfer is 15 seconds. (sigh). And, the file looked really bad. I got the original file from Jim but it had no graphics, so I pieced the graphics from this new file with the good one and put the anchors talking from simply taping the bit off my screen and I finally have the full version to put online and use for promotional purposes. WHEW.
I feel bad because I was linking directly to CBS' feed of it but it kept shutting down my browser? People were having trouble with it on Facebook as well. I mean, this is exactly what it was like when I worked with them in '07. How can this not get better? So, after ALLLLLLLLL that, here's the piece:
Whew. Good shit. And be nice to that anchor... we all know it's 1.21 gigawatts but he was cool enough to extend the piece a few more seconds and I'm happy about that... but you know his buddies gave him shit on that one.