1:44 PM, Monday, June 9th, 2014:
The Friday night car-show at Bob's Big Boy has been a tradition forever and one I was excited to take part in... in fact, why am I writing this? Video blog...
What a crazy weekend!
So the WHOLE story (which I couldn't include because I simply didn't have video of it) was that Friday when I took my car out, I left it in front of my house for literally 30 seconds while I ran back inside and I come out to find a cop car behind it and two cops getting out. It's funny, no matter what - you always think you've done something wrong. Ends up?  They just wanted to take pictures of it. LOL. So we talked for a bit, I gave them my cards and went on my way...
...only to have my car EXPLODE on my way there. Ended up just being a cracked hose to the radiator but the sound was horrifying and of course water and antifreeze everywhere. A dude came up to me and figured it out quicker than I did, and I was able to simply move the hose up about an inch and reclamp it. Luckily there was enough slack for that. UGGGGGGGGH.
Once at Bob's I sat and talked to some guys and got the news that Burgundie's dad had died. Strangely I was friendly with him far longer than Burgundie was so I was getting her information from his Facebook page while trying to keep kids away from the car. Bizarre juxtaposition for sure. Found out they found him slumped over the wheel of his car in front of his house. Most likely heart failure. Poof. Life is crazy. Still in his 60s.
And then Roger Sterling is looking at my car. Wait, what? I did a double-take and he hurried to put on glasses and I said "Am I really supposed to act like I don't know who you are?" and he ignored that and admired the back of the car then started to walk away. I came up and said "Brother, I can't not shake your hand" and he shook it and smiled and just ran (literally) back to his car with his buddy. It was very surreal. BUT DAMNIT I WANTED TO TAKE A PICTURE OF HIM IN THAT CAR. OH AND THE MAD GOLF GOLFKON HOLE! WAIT! DAAHHHHH. Too much I had to say with no time.
The guys who were there were very cool and gave me the "1" spot since I was the new guy. It came in handy as there was room for the swarm of people around the car at all times. With no car next to the driver's side it gave people space. And as you could see from the video - it really was non-stop and intense. I do feel it's kinda of douchey to bring a movie car to a car show because people are attracted for all the wrong reasons... however, I met a ton of people that I do legitimately believe will contact me for rentals. For that reason alone (and my ridiculously close proximity) I'm gonna have to do several more of these. They did indeed tell me about the trophy night the following night and I showed up hoping for what turned out to be a really big trophies..
You had to pick a category and "Custom" was the only thing I could even be considered as. And in fact for most of the night I was the only guy in the category until the dude in white in that picture saw that and thought "Well, certainly this is the category to be in - only 1 other car".
And although not really custom? It was a gorgeous '56 Chevy...
He overheard me saying I didn't think it was in the right category and that pissed him off something fierce as he listed everything he had worked on on the car... and I even said "Then technically, wouldn't all of these cars be custom?". It was not going well so I just let that be. As I mention in the video - it does feel cheap for me to drive up in a movie-prop car and steal the thunder from these vinatage cars that are clearly amazing.
Yeah but tough shit I won anyway. HA. Fucker. Sorry, I got annoyed because he was actively pushing people to vote and the crowd around my car just took pictures far too excited about it to even realize you COULD vote. So then I started asking them to vote and, well, I eventually won. But be sure, this won't be happening again. I mean, maybe I'll go in 2015 'cause it would be cool to have a 2015 trophy, but I will not be doing this every month. The fuck am I gonna do with trophies? This will go outside in the car-port but make no mistake I am not entering this in car shows and competitions to wag my dick around to other cars. That isn't even remotely what this car is about. I mean obviously it's about making a living first and foremost - but even if it were just a hobby? It's not appreciated by these car owners and I understand that! IT'S A MOVIE-PROP.
...but a ridiculously awesome one:
And then to end the weekend wouldn't you know it? That cop that pulled up outside my house? Texted me that he was having an 80s Theme Party and he wanted to rent the car.
How incredible is that? A paying gig on top of everything else? Wow. And he was smooth about it, didn't tell anyone and then BOOM:
In a cloud of smoke the Time Machine shows up. Everyone walked up from the back with a collective:  "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" I'm actually bummed I never get to surprise my friends like that. LOL. It was awesome. And of course someone was dressed as Marty for the party...
How excited was THIS guy when he saw the Time Machine. LMAO. Very cool stuff.
So yeah, after this weekend I looked at Talya and said "This is gonna work. Well." No longer does it feel like a longshot to make a living at this - it feels like something that will be in our family forever. I got such joy out of seeing the real fans of the movie and showing them all the bells and whistles. Explaining the history of the car, showing people the original parts. It was indeed a performance and your enthusiasm sells the car even more. My acting and hosting chops kicked in and I really did enjoy the time talking (when not freaking out because people were all over the car). But I have to admit, I'm handy enough that there's very little I can't fix on that thing if it were ripped off. I will need some parts from time to time I'm sure, but you can get those several places and the worry is never that someone is gonna rip one of the rare parts off... it's that someone is gonna break something holding a part up, etc. and it'll have to be patched. You can say "don't touch" all you want - but it's a car full of fucking buttons. It's nearly impossible. And kids? They lose their minds around it. But as I said before, this is gonna work - and it's gonna work in a big way. Very excited.
Now if I can just keep it from breaking down. Uggh. Stalled 3 times on my way home, probably a fuel filter or fuel pump issue (though those were both supposedly replaced) and my 97th job as a mechanic starts tomorrow.