3:45 PM, Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014:
Nana's in town! So we all went to Disneyland!
...freaking TWO WEEKS AGO. It's hilarious to me that what is usually the highlight of the month in the Kontras Household became overrun so quickly the entry got delayed until the following month nearly two weeks later. It was still great fun however, and well documented...
My mom is not much of a crowd person, but she handled Disneyland like a champ. She did however feel Vienna was going to get lost or maimed every 37 seconds, so she is absolutely still my mother. Then again, I was never lost or maimed so I have to thank her for that. Hee. Hee.
Unfortunately as I predicted last year the streak of "not a cry, whimper or whine!" at Disneyland came to an end... Vienna is certainly in that phase of wanting everything NOW and screaming if she doesn't get it. Ironically she screams "ME ME ME ME ME!" when she wants something which we all just have to giggle at. It is a phase and she will eventually find out it doesn't work. I hope for Cameron's sake we don't have to do the "Well, we're leaving Disneyland" scene in about a year as he'll surely have nothing to do with it by that age... but I have a feeling it's gonna happen. Vienna is quite focused and quite determined and once she puts it in her mind... look out. Actually an awesome trait for a girl to have, but there will wars in the coming years. You can just seeeeeeeeeee it. Like, I giggle now because part of me? Is just proud of her. It's her job to want to take over the world and my job to hold her back for a couple years so she doesn't kill herself. Her poor first boyfriends though. Goddddddddddamn. She will not need her "Dada" to stick up for her, THEY will need her "Dada" to catch the PUNCH.
Talya finally got to ride 2 rides! Nothing like being pregnant for 2 straight years. It was nice to walk through the park if even for 5 minutes and stand in a line together sans kids. I love that about the dual-sides of being married with children. It's absolutely 2 different worlds. It's like make-believe to jump out of the parent world if even for an hour or so... you're instantly young and mischievous. Wonder if that ever goes away? I don't think so. I look back on couples I've known over the years - far older than me - and I could see that twinkle in their eyes when the kids weren't around. It's this hidden little gem of being parents: suddenly your alone time becomes heightened far more than before you had kids. Good stuff.
Not too many stills from the video this time around, but I have to spotlight these two faces...
My how tragic Goofy walking away is to a little one. And speaking of little ones:
I don't know what it is about watching babies react to seeing something massive for the first time by it always makes me giggle. It's the face before an animal would FLEE IN TERROR in thie wild. He's taking in the scope of this gigantic moving float and his tiny brain is registering where it belongs within the tiny recesses of his psyche. In the end he just chilled and kept looking around. But it's just a cool still to see.

Alright! I am OFF this computer for at least a WEEK. Well that might be pushing it - but I'm done editing. I'm just done. I have tons to do with RentTheDelorean.com but... wait. Goddamnit, no I will be on this computer for the forseeable future building websites and UGGH. Well, at least it won't be editing videos. ;-) Crazy time...
PS - Uhm, yeah speaking of avoidance. Disneyland?!?!?! Remember THAT trip 2 weeks ago? Entry tomorrow. Jesus have I ever been this behind? These videos are epic-big though. In the 100 entries that make up 2000 the Journey videos don't even add up to 30 minutes. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa.