9:09 PM, Sunday, June 1st, 2014:
Probably only Talya will believe this as she laid next to me during dozens of sleepless night the past 2 months, but I have yet to actually enjoy any of this. Outsiders have to have seen the car and figured it's this great thrill and all the normal things that apply to owning a nice car (x1000) must apply here and it doesn't. To start off with, I am not a car guy. I've had the same car since 1999 and only bought that to pull a trailer to house 4tvs. Form has ALWAYS followed function and a car gets you from here to there. That's it. And in many respects? The time machine is also a means to an end. When I look at it or sit in it? I see responsibility. Things I have to do, things I haven't done, money I still need to make, etc. It's a massive project coupled with GolfKon... it's just, well massive. No other way to put it. There honest to goodness is no joy. Sad, right? Well, that changed Friday night.
So as I mentioned in the last entry we scored the finals wrong by a stroke and Steven and Fred had to come back for a playoff. I invited Matt and Michael too and figured we could just have a fun evening minigolf practice. Michael wasn't able to make it, but the other 3 got here and after the playoff we took pictures in the time machine, I took everyone out for a ride in it - and then we played another game... in fact, watch the video. Incredibly - it's actually more intense than the Memorial.
I mean, really? Do I even need to tell you the chances of two people not only setting the course record but anyone ever getting (-9) the exact same game the OTHER GUY gets a (-9)? Then to be (-6) on the next 7 holes!?!? I was on the roll of a lifetime. (-9) will be beat, but two people getting it in the same game just... astronomical stuff. Here's the breakdown of our two games for those that are interested:
I'm sure Matt will be the first to tell you that 9 straight birdies is far more difficult than the two eagles he got. The way the course is set-up, skill can get you a birdie and positioning for the eagle... but there is honestly a limit to what you can do to get an eagle. It is luck. However, considering Matt got a freaking OFF-COURSE on hole 8 literally throwing away a stroke and still got (-9) !?!?! Just ridiculous. He will get a (-10) when it's all said and done, but I honestly don't think that will be eclipsed for years. If not forever. Because in order to get an (-11) you have to get 2 eagles AND birdie every other hole. It's too much luck rolled into 9 holes. 2 eagles in 1 game is already a 1 in 100 shot (for a highly skilled player), so believe me (-10) whenever it happens will stand for a looooooooooooong time.
Anyway, to the point of this entry: when they left? I realized I had a great time. LOL. I enjoyed the time machine. I loved watching them enjoy sitting in it and taking pictures. Everyone was happy, having fun. I was excited taking it out. Even dealing with the little kids on bikes in my neighborhood that surrounded us at every turn - I was happy to answer their questions... it was just, fun. It has never been fun until today - honestly? The minigolf hasn't really been "fun" in a long time. I'm proud of it, I love the attention it's getting - but I don't play it. It isn't relaxing to me. I have other things to do... I just don't get any enjoyment out of it. Friday, I did. Granted, it might have something to do with breaking the record - LOL - but legitimately, it was the first time in... wow maybe the trip with Paddy and JT in early 2010 to play (ha) minigolf and ride those 4 wheelers? That was probably the last time I enjoyed just hanging out with guys and "playing".
As well? These are actually my friends. Weird to say, but one day you look up and you say:  "Damn, I've not only known Steven for over a decade, I've hung out often with him the past 2 years. Often." You just don't realize it sometimes. Matt and I spar like fucking step-brothers over golf rules and had a blow-up about Michael's swing and a miss that was one for the ages... but I actually like that. I dig getting so angry that you say something you regret, then you say sorry... and you show some vulnerability. Ya know? That's why you bond. And Fred? Duh. Our shared experience with Palmolive (although years apart) made us instant friends and it's just a given. I knew the moment I met him that this was just always going to be and it has ever since.
So yeah, thanks? Why does this feel so awkward. LOL. I guess that's the point of personal journals. People always think these entries are what I want to be public. Not always true. Sometimes I just have to document shit going on in my brain and I won't hold it back just because it's embarrassing. How can I even fathom that considering what's housed within these entries?!?! No, the truth is, I was stunned at how much fun I had with, well, these toys.
Honestly, it was the look on their faces posing for the pictures in the time machine. That's what was. THEY felt like little kids. Which in turned made me happy to provide that for even a few seconds. We're in our 30s and 40s and we're playing minigolf and hanging out in the Time Machine from Back to the Future. How could I ever have avoided how fun that is for even a week?
PS - Uhm, yeah speaking of avoidance. Disneyland?!?!?! Remember THAT trip 10 days ago? Entry tomorrow. Jesus have I ever been this behind? These videos are epic. In the 100 entries that make up 2000 the Journey videos don't even add up to 30 minutes. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa.