11:02 PM, Wednesday, April 30th, 2014:
As we enter the last hour of this ridiculous month - incredibly the new hole is basically done. Still need to do some touch-up paint and of course film all the coolness (that will be the next entry) but I can however share the construction video...
Crazy. Can't wait to show you all close-ups of all the details. So many. However, I will take this entry to thank Mr. Greg Colton for this text:
That reply was 3.2 seconds after his text. LOL. I didn't have the slightest idea what I was going to do with it - but clearly I could find something...
...however when I got back home with it I had a very difficult time placing it. Everything presently on the hole looks like "GolfKon". There's a workman's style to the course and the car was almost too realistic anywhere I put it. Greg then suggested a "pully/latch" system that would let the car go. Which, of course sounds freaking awesome. Like a giant game of "mousetrap" or, not coincidentally, like the dozen pinball machines Greg has in his house that he builds and rebuilds.
...and wouldn't you know? With the little lightening rod attached to the car - I was able to attatch it to the 2015 marker and as you see at the end of the video? It actually gets triggered down a ramp I made if you hit the ball at the right spot. And just like that we have the showstopper for the hole... and likely the entire course. I can't describe the feeling when you are able to trigger the car AND get it to go down the pipe and directly into the hole. It's like winning the lottery. I figured we'll call it a "Perfect Eagle". I mean, it doesn't help your score any more than an eagle but man it sure feels like an accomplishment. So thank you again Greg. People have thrown out ideas left and right for the course and none of them ever take into account the laundry list of boxes I have to stay within (withstanding the elements of rain, dogs and children) or maintaining the current pars or even keeping them "skill" based and not "luck" based. This knocked it out of the park. It's an extra you can go for that won't affect your score so it keeps the integrity of the course. If, for example, you HAD to trigger the car to move the ball - it would kill the credibility of everything. It's a very fine balance and one that has to be maintained if the goal is to have legitimate competitions.
And of course, as I mentioned in the round that I lost in the last event when my ball got stuck? "This is what I get for not fixing it." I was not the only person who got to the 3rd pipe and had the ball fail to go down because I hadn't finished the mortar to make it work every time. Now Hole 7 has no design flaws. And my favorite part? The 1985 hole really comes into play now. Anyway, I'll get into that in the next entry. For now I am done! And I get to rest my hand. You ready for this?
My first real injury doing construction. Sure I've been shocked or cut or bruised, etc... but this? This was one of the luckiest days of my life. Shaping a 4x4 (not a 2x4, twice the thickness) chunk of wood on the table saw and got a little too fancy when BAM! It shot out from the blade and SPLIT IN HALF on my fucking hand. When I jumped up and was able to move the tips of my fingers I felt like the luckiest man on the planet - even though the throbbing was intense enough to pass out. All I cared about was that I didn't actually injure myself. I mean sure - my hand puffed up to laughable proportions and the pain was deep and quite intense... but that's nothin' compared to what it would've meant to have broken the bones in my hand or my knuckles. So I took the pain and kept goin'. But man - that was a good one. It was totally like the scene from Tommy Boy where he's shining the brake pad and it flies off. Except my fucking hand was in front of it and it shattered the wood in half. I mean sunuvabitch - any idea how fast a 4x4 chunk of wood has to be traveling to SPLIT IN HALF on your HAND?
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Goodbye April. We kicked your ass. Holy balls it's May and it's gonna beat April.
ps - oh and a quick shout out to Steven who posted this picture of me when he saw the first "Golf to the Future" mods to the hole:
Haaaaaaaaaaaa. Yup. I feel about that crazy most of the time. A knowing nod to you Steve for the "Duh-nuh-nuh 4" reference. ;-)