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7:02 PM, Monday, April 28th, 2014:
As much as I don't want to cement this into the Delorean story - I simply can't act like this isn't happening or that I'm having a good experience with Videobob. I want it over with, I don't want to get screwed and I wish I had just moved to Dallas for the month because making thousand dollar decisions based on texts and inference is maddening.
As I wrote before - I liked Danny (the builder here in SoCal) but his turnaround was 7-8 months! So I was left with Bob who after studying the videos of his other cars... does good work. I've spoken to people who have his cars and they're thrilled and in fact visit those with cars built by the other builders and it's very, very clear who has the better car. So I'm thrilled...
...however, Bob argues with me constantly. I happen to have an eye for detail and when I originally was talking price with Bob he broke down the cost of certain things - and now there's a bit less detail on what all is involved in the cost. There is a $2500 discrepency - but the truth is? Bob should be charging more than he is for his turnaround time alone. So I really shouldn't bitch at all about a thousand here or a thousand there...
BUT HOW DO YOU NOT ASK? And then he says I need new seats. FUCK. What? The car looked perfect - BOOM another $1k (Even though they're $600 - it's another $400 to install them!?!?!)...
Then when I mention details I found a bit off and wanting to correct them? HOLY FUCK do we go at it. Him telling me that the reason he can't even discuss it is because of my deadline. !??!?! Brother - you have 5 weeks WITH THE CAR. The first night he said he could pull it off in 2 weeks adding another 2 weeks for shipping both ways. Well my time frame was 7 weeks including the shipping which leaves him with 5. FIVE. So don't pull "Deadline" shit on me when discussing stuff....
...then again he IS doing this about 50 times faster than anyone else. See the constant strugfle here?
I mention a simple outlet pipe for fog inside the car and I might as well have asked to bang his wife. But here's the thing... I've been HIM. I'm sure my tenant who throws ridiculous idea after ridiculous idea at me about the course thinks I'M the asshole because I always tell him why it won't work. Difference?
So talk me through this shit brother. He certainly did at the beginning - now I get this feeling that he's annoyed and thinks I will somehow keep him from doing shows in LA because I will be hustling my car? UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH.
So enter:  Kids in the Hall and a show of goodwill on my part pulling a favor getting him free tickets to the show and the ability to meet Dave Foley. As longtime viewers know, Foley did a video for me back in 2000 and though I am not close with him - I have seen him since and said "hi". Gary however, is close with him and as much as I hated to do it? Something I've NEVER DONE with Gary because I hate this shit - I asked him to personally contact Dave on my behalf to get Bob and his wife into the Kids in the Hall show in Dallas last night. For weeks we went back and forth - absolutely stressful and even after they were "on the list" Bob and his wife get there? NOTHING.
Which fucking means I call Gary, Gary calls Dave literally 20 minutes before he's supposed to TAKE THE STAGE to get it all worked out. It was, here is proof in the form of a picture he posted on his public "Bob's Propshop" Facebook page:
At which point I was ready to pass out. Because the reason I'm killing myself? Is just to assure I don't get fucking hosed. Now in my heart I don't believe Bob will screw me over - but remember? We're dealing with Karen's money. So now? THAT is what I'm risking and I am pulling out all stops to make sure this works. If it means pulling favors from friends I've had for 10 years and have NEVER asked a favor from? I have to do it. This is a $60k investment. It's a little fucked to be doing this from 1500 miles away with a guy who you don't know who says "You should get new seats" $1k. FACKIN FACK. A THOUSAND DOLLARS. I RE-TARRED MY ENTIRE CAR PORT ROOF BY HAND WITH FUCKING CRACK SEALER to save $30 - and now sight unseen I have to make this call with my mother-in-law's money?!?!?!
But I guess he could be right - it could fuck up the whole system and I'm better off buying a second one for that... but he can't run electric to that? You can't put that together for me so I'm not re-modding your mod when you have weeks more time than you quoted me that you need?
It's just maddening. And he knows I'm all in. So he now has the power and all I can do is write long emails that he gets angry that he wastes time responding to. However, he responds and if you laugh off the gruff exterior - he's doing his job. He just doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy. And for $35k, I happen to believe warm & fuzzy is a necessity. JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST sayin'.
But you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna fly to Dallas and that weekend?  I'm gonna make him a commercial. A professional one. A quick one (he has hours of footage online and it kills his message). And it will put him miles about the rest of the builders for 2015 and I will do it for free. Why? Because that's the point of life people. You help each other. You help the loud people, you help the quiet people. You help the people that may not help you back and you do it because it's what life is about. That's what GolfKon is about and why I won't accept any money and my only goal is to raise money for charities. If I'm gonna be fucking homeless maybe that will change - but as I've told Bob time and again - my goal with him? Is to make our meeting a crossroads and to positively influence his life in a way that leaves an impact. He's certainly changing my life and for whatever reason it's important for me to positively influence his.
For now of course, all this is locked. I go back to arguing with him about the details he constantly overlooks and do everything in my power to get the best car possible. I sure hope this venture feels fun again. I hate this. I simply want to know what I'm paying for, pay a fair price and get that. I cannot wait until this part of the process is over.
Less than a month to go...