8:22 PM, Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014:
How wonderful is this surprise?
Because clearly, not enough is happening right now, I get a private message from Michael Cole (the dude who whooped my butt at the last GolfKon event) that he and Steven reconnected and he joined Michael's long-running Nintendo World Report podcast and mentioned GolfKon. More than mentioned, actually did a good 5 minutes on it and if you know me? These are the random things I adore documenting for The Journey. They are the moments that you usually let float off without ever seeing or hearing again - but I'm absolutely obsessive about grabbing and holding onto. These are the tiny moments during MASSIVE upheavel you tend to forget and again... it has always been my nature to spotlight those just as brightly because in the future when I look back on things? It's those tiny details that are tiny pieces of gold to me. All the big CBS and Comedy Central entries? I never watch or reread them... all those little ones in between? That's the heart of The Journey and this tiny mention in a random VIDEOGAME podcast means the world to me. So much so, of course, I had to edit together a corresponding video because again... absolutely nothing is happening this month. ;-)
It occurs to me now, that my short time with Planet GameCube was much like my time with CD101: a family. There was shared sacrifice by everyone involved. With CD101 it was low-income, with Planet GameCube it was NO income and the end result is the same: the people we met there think fondly on the time and as a result? Think fondly on the others who went through it... even if we didn't know each other all that well at the time. Those of us who went to e3 in 2001 and 2002 remember that feeling well. Gaming may have completely passed me by (can't wait until my kids are older though) for now, but I remember with great fondness the launch of the new consoles and at e3 2002, Mario, Metroid and Zelda. What a show...
...and of course now, I've known Steven for quite some time since (did I really know him as a teenager and he's in his 30s now? Jesus) and, well, Michael just catapulted into GolfKon lore without even realizing what he was doing. How awesome is that? So thank you both for the kind words and the mention in a podcast that other gamer nerds are going to scratch their heads at... and of course, here's to the future.
I swear to you I wrote that last sentence without thinking of the movie. Sometimes things just work out that way. ;-)