9:277 PM, Wednesday, April 16th, 2014:
Shitty to have to lock this one, but after Bob said he considered me "competition" this is kind of the last thing I want him to know. Who's to say he doesn't install a kill switch on my car. Ha! Not that I really think that will happen, but things have already gotten heated between us and I just want the freaking thing over with. In a month when I have the car, I can mentally relax...
...and prepare for the fight to get this car seen and brand RentTheDelorean.com. Man I haven't even mentioned that because I want it to be totally done before I announce it, but this is locked so I can show you this:
Can you believe I got that name? And worked for 2 hours to get that logo juuuuuuuust right? It's gonna look great on business cards. ;-)
So I met with Claudia today to propose a partnership: she pimps out MY car for events she's booked, and I pimp her out (that sounds awfully wrong) for events I'm booked. She took it a step further and said I could show her on the site and we can work in tandem. We won't always of course, but if we play our cards right we can have a very eventful 2015. Event being the key word. The car shows and other tourist events are "ok" for people willing to pay $10 to have their picture taken and certainly good to add to your list of events you've been seen at... but that isn't where the money is. Corporate events and a day-rate can help me get my money back. They may not be seen by the most people, but I can honestly say that's not the pissing match I'm interested in. I have 18 months to keep this car and I have to go where the money is. Partnering up with Claudia is the first step and one I'm thrilled she's excited about. This will soon be my car at events:
There's a screening of Back To The Future in June that she and Lea Thompson will be part of and I figured that'd be a good showcase for me but the other dude in LA that has a VideoBob car (Martin Sanchez) is already booked. There's no actual money in it but it did make me grin. We're friends on Facebook, but I know he's thinking the same thing: bring it. Now he lives in Riverside so he's a good 90 minutes from Hollywood, and of course I'm here - but it's all about contacts and relationships. So it's gonna be a hustle. I look forward to it. Congrats on this "get" brother. I'm sure we'll run into each other soon. Hopefully it's not in our Time Machines. ;-)
Alright, some more work on the car port and I should have some pics/video in a could days of it finished. Whew! Kickin' butt. Great to have focus again. ;-)