9:47 PM, Monday, April 14th, 2014:
Wow. It's done. Has anyone reading this ever booked a truck to ship your car... FROM a state you're not in, TO a state you're not in? With a title you don't even have? It's absolutely bizarre what my life has become. But, as of this picture:
The bottom right is my car, just delivered outside of the bodyshop. Awwwwwwwwwww shit. And of course, The Journey wouldn't be The Journey if I didn't have VIDEO of my baby being driven onto the delivery truck...
A massive thank-you to Greg's fiancee Michele for taking that video. I'm certain that was an odd request but considering how long I've done this it seemed crazy to not have video of that moment. It saved me the round-trip to Nashville to get it myself. The story is now completely moved to Dallas!
The title has been shipped as well and thanks to the wonder of shipment tracking I see it is now in North Hollywood and out for delivery. This happened. Of course the next part is what seems to make most DeLorean purists lose their mind: We dismantle the car and turn it into the time machine. Ha. In fact I'm already getting shit online about all of this. Which, for just a few sentences I have to address:
Do all of you really think I don't have bigger plans here? Do you KNOW how many people are making fun of how unreliable these cars are (as if I'm not already planning on towing it!?!?). Do you know how many people have not taken into consideration my relationship with Claudia and what we're going to try and accomplish in the next 18 months? And GolfKon? Hello? I'm just flabbergasted at everyone doubting this idea... and this coming from a guy who is doubted the moment he opens his mouth for 2 decades now. Were the things that 4tvs accomplished not impressive enough? I'm still impressed with that. Honestly... it's remarkable. Do you really not see the potential for a GolfKon show with all that's being put into the videos and the people that are coming now? And you still think the DeLorean overheating is an issue or (sigh) that I'm stupid to turn it into a time machine? You want to throw $20k out the window? Just buy a DeLorean and drive it around. You want to change your life? Build a minigolf course in your backyard and have a full-sized time machine next to the "Golf To The Future" Hole as two characters from the movie christen the hole. Then sell that to The Golf Channel. THAT is thinking outside the box. Then again, if everyone did that there'd be a new box. But believe me, I'm noting all of your doubts. I mean, I get the "car crowd" not grasping the concept because they're thinking only of the mechanics of the thing, but it's as silly as arguing the type of plastic the original E.T. costume is made out of when selling the prop from 1982. It has zero bearing on the value of that prop. But I digress, this is an argument I'll have for the next 2 years so I'll save it. Suffice to say, I morbidly enjoy everyone thinking I'm out of my mind. If I listened to you, Memorial Day wouldn't be happening. Thankfully I'm not married to someone secretly wishing I'd fail and give up this time. Should make a world of difference.
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. We move onto the next phase of this project and I continue to work on the new carport/showroom. Probably a construction entry soon. My fingers have that familiar ache and I'm amazed at how different this, uhm, THEATER looks in my backyard. Everyone just assumed that wall was the end of my property when in fact there was a full 10 extra feet behind it where I used to have a work area. Well, that's no longer in existence as I work on this:
Eventually it's just going to look like I pushed the wall back as the redwood will surround the new car. People are going to walk back, see the time machine and think it's a picture. It just looks so crazy how the car will be spotlit. Cannnnnnnnnnot wait.
Meeting with Claudia tomorrow to talk about the business side of things. Very excited. This city is not ready for the amount of focus I can put to something I actually control. Ya know? So much of showbiz is out of your hands, but this project? It's all on my ability to hustle and believe. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit. Lookout world. This is gonna blow up.