5:45 PM, Sunday, April 6th, 2014:
Can we come up with a new word? Absurd was so perfect just a week ago and now it's trite. Because THIS is absurd. What I'm wrapping my head around right now is absurd. I have barely been able to sit still to keep a thought in my head...
...woah I haven't said that since the last entry of '99! This feels like 4tvs. This is big. God I adore how organically all of this came together. Because in a million years I couldn't plan this. So, let's just stick with the facts.
I jump on Facebook on Friday and the guy who is donating his Delorean for the Memorial writes this on his wall:
Reba and I are selling three vehicles to whoever wants them.
1) Mercedes Benz Black SL500 in great condition. $27,000.00 FIRM.
2) Hummer H2 Black in great condition. Price TBA.
3) DeLorean Time Machine DMC-12 converted to iconic movie car. Make a serious offer. This will go to someone soon so hurry.
Offers will be excepted only by emailing to me at BTTF2.Timecar@gmail.com. Please only make an offer that you intend to honor as I plan to select a new owner soon.
Later today all three cars will go on eBay, and other sites.
Thank you,
What. The Serious. Fuck. I just told the entire city of Los Angeles this car was gonna be there we nail down the details and now THIS?
I write him immediately and he says whomever buys it will have to allow him to finish out his gigs, mine included. Wanting to help him and spread the word I asked for the ballpark and he said $100,000 OBO.
I knew he was in a tough place financially and I felt for him. However, for the life of me I couldn't understand how he would get rid of this... in 2014. Really? The year BEFORE the big year? For normal people who don't think of shit like this, 2015 is the big "future" date. Tons of parties already planned - convetions, etc. This is a huge deal. In fact you will most likely make more on this year than a handful of years combined with appearences if you own a replica. So he must be really hard up. Too bad, 'cause he lives for that car.
So I ask some more questions and find his last gig is in OCTOBER, yet he's selling it now? Who the hell is gonna agree to that? He just seemed all over the place. I start to think about how much money could be made in 2015 with a replica and how many charities we could help... my relationship with Claudia...
I mean, I have a bit more IMAX money left, Talya's mom has some money... maybe we could pull something off, I could live some ridiculous 2015 doin' shows, etc. and then at the end of the year, right at the peak? SELL IT. I mean, the car is an icon, and the media swirl as we get closer to October 21st, 2015 is gonna help move this. Not sure we could lose money? And we just might be able to bring in a bunch...
...now throw in GolfKon and where this feels like 4tvs did. What if for every event there was a replica time machine? What if that was just part of the course? How "sellable" does a reality show about the bizarreness of a backyard golf course become to The Golf Channel now? It's already getting bigger and bigger. The Delorean alone is gonna bring interest. Why wouldn't a channel pick this up as a 6 episode a year reality show. Like little mini-events? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
So, yesterday I run it by Karen. Now she does have some money, but she doesn't have "throw away" money. Ya know what I mean? Like from my perspective she has the most "comfortable" existence I've ever known... but that's because she doesn't spend it on anything. She's not the type of rich that throws $100,000 on fucking movie props. But I felt we could probably get it for $80k. I bet I can make $35k with it next year if I hustle... and I bet we could sell it at the peak in October 2015 for the same amount or more.
She agreed. <blink>
For some background, this woman watched what I built in 2012 and 2013. Hell just watching that last GolfKon video. I don't half-ass things. As investments go? This is far better than opening a restaurant and waiting years to break even. This is an 18-month investment with very little downside. And if it doesn't work out? You sell it when everyone is gonna want one. She knows quite a few people that do have the money to throw at things like that...
So I arranged to go meet Paul today and when I asked his address he said:
"Just point your car towards me and I'll give you the directions then."
(sigh) Dude. You're not supposed to be the eccentric demanding one. From wanting to sell it now, to keeping it for gigs, to the price and me having to schedule the time, start driving and hope you can direct me? You want my money a LOT more than I want your car. I agreed, but then I went online to do some research. Just who makes these cars and for how much...
I find there's really 3 people that do it. A guy in Texas, Florida and right here in Huntington Beach. In fact, the guy in Huntington Beach built Paul's 10 years ago. I saw in an interview that he charges $45,000 for the conversion and you supply the car which at present market value is $20-25k. So at MOST $75k. What the hell is Paul thinking? That's a NEW conversion and after the guy has done this for 10 years, Paul's is 10 years old and he RACES it. So I friend Danny at Huntington Beach on Facebook (of course he's friends with Claudia AND Paul ) and he responds. Had he not left early yesterday, we would've gone down IMMEDIATELY. He has one he's ready to ship that he wanted me to see.
Here, however... is the downside:
These take a long time. He said if he gets a downpayment he can start buying the parts and in a couple months take my DeLorean and pull it off in a nother 3 months or so. He's thinking Thanksgiving is the earliest because he's working on a couple before me. Wheeeeeeeeeeew. But the plus side is, a pretty clear $75k and it's brand new. I mean, it's a 30+ year old car, I have to find it and purchase it, but the mod is new. Also, I don't have to get Paul's car that he has run into the ground often. I mean, while we were texting he cracked the windshield and is waiting for another part. So nerve wracking.
So Jimmy and I are meeting Danny Tuesday or Wednesday to 1) buy a flux capacitor for the course (oh yes, that's happening) and ask a ton of questions. If all seems good, Karen is ready to jump that Saturday. So amazingly, holy shit, in 6 days I could be in line for a fucking TIME MACHINE, that I will have the ENTIRETY of 2015, the most crucial year to have a replica.
So of course I didn't sleep much last night. And then today? I'm preparing my work area for the freaking GARAGE I need to build to house this thing. I have the space, just need to get rid of a few things - and I'm gonna make it look as if it's ON the course by removing a portion of the wall where Plinko and the Pyramid is. What I was initially going to do just for Paul's car for The Memorial is going to be set-up for all of 2015's events. Why?
And you know what's gonna happen in 2015? I'm gonna sell GolfKon, a sports/reality show, to a channel. The Golf Channel, something. It's all gonna come together. We'll "Theme" a few more holes, the competition will get MUCH better and the intensity will skyrocket. With the Delorean there? We'll have the greens LINED with people watching putts. This, is gonna, get, big. The money for charity we'll raise? My head is spinning. I mean, SPINNING. This is exactly what 4tvs felt like. Once I got it in my head?  It never left.

OH MY GOD FULL CIRCLE: And what did I do when I thought of 4tvs? I drew what I used to joke was my "Flux Capacitor" drawing and stared at it for a month:
I even say it in the interview. Oh man, I have to put this video together now...
Exactly the same feeling. Something so crazy that no one quite gets. I understand some people in my family will find this lavish, but believe me? It only looks that way from the outside. Inside will be a ton of hardwork, stress, hustling and every bit of a JOB. Granted a very strange job (and very Adam) but this is a ton of work. I am however good at that.
Dude I can't get over the flux capacaitor/4tvs drawing and 15 years later - woah, 15 years later to this MONTH I was making the very first 4tvs sets.
OK, too much to process. LOL. If possible, I'm gonna try and sleep... WOW!!!!!