3:02 PM, Friday, March 28th, 2014:
This actually occurred on March 12th, but things have been a bit hectic. Nonetheless, Vienna grabbed her putter, walked up to a ball and putted it into a hole on purpose. 17 1/2 months. I'm clearly, very proud of her. I'm even more amazed I happened to have it on camera...
The thing that is painfully obvious though... she is a leftie. No way around it. She draws with her left hand, she always tries to hit it left-handed... and she's gonna have a helluva time on that course as a leftie. She'll have an advantage on 6 & 8, but otherwise? Whew. And that putter now becomes Cameron's 'cause it's not dual-sided...
BUT SHE DID IT. LOL. Of course I freak out about it and she's like "Uhm, I can do that again..." And proceeds to 3 putt it back in. Heh. The cool thing is she is indeed interested. When she sees people playing she grabs her putter and joins in. She's well into the mimicing stage and she genuinely likes the concept of getting the ball in the hole. I just want her to qualify at some point. I really, really do. Remember when that's all GolfKon was about? Having events that my kids can someday compete in and win? It's turned into much more, but at the end of the day - I hope she cares enough to try.
I do think by age 3 (she's 1 1/2 today!!!) she'll be able to complete a game. I know some people think she's close to that now... but she really isn't. The concept of getting it in the hole with a LIMITED number of hits is simply not a concept a toddler is going to grasp. I figure 3 is THE earliest moment she'll be able to do that. So, the 2015 Halloween Tournament it is! ;-)
Alright, tomorrow is the big day. These days are absolutely my Christmas. Andrew and his wife are already in town... we're doin' this! They're going to donate $2 for every birdie and $10 for every eagle and people seem genuinely excited about that. I hope I can get through tomorrow (and the 3 days of editing I'm sure to have) in one piece. And man, how am I gonna handle Memorial Day by myself? I really need some volunteers to handle the leaderboard, etc. It's just such a crazy day...
...but I dig it. Wish me luck! Here's to getting beaten!
(until it's tomorrow and then I hope everyone loses and I'm victorious)