3:56 PM, Tuesday, March 25th, 2014:
I'm a bit embarrassed to say I watched that last video more than a few times. It's kind of an out of body experience. As I used to explain on "The Journey", I'm a viewer and reader just like everyone else after the fact. I see "Adam" as a guy on the screen and writing within the entries because once it's past? It honestly does seem like someone else. So some thoughts at this dude now, as a 3rd person viewer:
He seems both younger and older than his years... you can see the aging in his eyes, a certain mellow throughout that makes his bounciness sometimes seem forced. But I don't see 40 next year. He's not completely dead inside. LMAO. Not that I think 40 is dead inside, but I don't think it's a stretch to say the "dreamer" fades by that age. This guy is excited about this ridiculous minigolf project and although I know the readers/viewers skimmed over it at the beginning - there's no denying that it's working. Working, simply meaning that other people now believe in it and want to be a part of it. It is very much like the 4tvs idea 15 years previous. Both hadn't been done before, both required a suspension of common sense and more than anything? The ability to keep moving forward even when the future was blurry. It's interesting and I want to see where this takes him. Alright, back to me:
I FEEL OLD. LMAO. I feel 70. I was indeed shocked to watch that video of me talking about the project and announcing all the cool "Back To The Future" stuff and I saw a sparkle. The "take on the world" Adam that I can honestly say has vanished since 2009. But now it's back... for minigolf? It seems strange, but I've always just been a guy who gets off on doing things no one has tried to do before. And believe me, I've researched backyard minigolf courses. Uhm. I want to help them. A lot. Forget the fact that I have 9 and the website and the PGA tour style of events and scoring, etc. Just well made holes? Jesus no one is even close. I saw an HGTV episode where they put 3 holes in someone's yard (with a fucking windmill and it looks trashy as hell) and the design was just bad. Not subjectively, but, like... no one will do it more than once or twice because there's no real skill involved. So it really does seem I'm the only man on the planet to go this hardcore.
So what the hell? I mean we're all just trying to figure out who we are in our lives, right? What a bizarre chapter this is, ya know? Sure it goes along with creativity, but it's to such an extreme you have to wonder if there's actually something wrong with me. Then again, maybe I just am young at heart. I just always believe I can do it until I can't. I sure hope I pass that onto my kids. Live long and prosper...
Live to 2118 Cam and keep attempting shit until you fall on your ass. Then get up and attempt something else. When you do that? You may end up with a Back To The Future reunion in your BACKYARD while dedicating a freaking minigolf hole to them.
What the serious hell, man. Happy 3 months son!