9:53 AM, Monday, March 24th, 2014:
Well this makes it official. This actually happened. God I love interview videos. :-)
I'm not sure there will ever be a moment where this becomes commonplace to me. Mo said it best: "Mayor Goldie Wilson in your BACKYARD?". And I think I summed it up well when he asked if I could see this getting bigger... "Bigger than the DELOREAN at my HOUSE?"
So now the focus shifts to actual concern on how I'm actually gonna pull off Memorial Day at my house. See, I can no longer get a car behind my house and believe me I've sat and tried to think of a way I could... but alas there's no good way over that course and in fact? It was a tight squeeze when NOTHING was there. So, the Delorean will be in FRONT of the house while the event is in the back. Why will anyone come back? How do we keep the entire neighborhood from surrounding it? I honestly picture an empty GolfKon with everyone in front taking pictures. LOL. I'm brainstorming ideas right now, maybe making people buy their scorecard for $5 (to charity of course) and that becomes their ticket to sit in the car and take a picture, etc. I mean, all of this would be solved if it could get behind my house. I have more than enough room on the foursquare court (and used to wash my cars back there) but even with taking the wall down? There's no way we're getting over the course. Though, hmm... I could just drive it back so you could SEE it. I mean, I would indeed have to take down the wall by Plinko... but behind it would be the car.
I will take a cold hard look at how to pull this off because having it parked in front of my house seems like it would kill the tournament. Something will come together though... it certainly has found a way so far...
Wow, I just walked outside and looked - I can TOTALLY take a section of that wall out and simply have the guy drive it back and open the driver's wing and it will all be totally viewable. Maybe even get a little ramp/riser thing it could drive in on. THEN you could see it in the background as Claudia dedicates the hole. Man, I am going to have a ton of work to do before Memorial Day - but that's gonna happen. And of course I can still have the car out front at certain points - but the bulk of the tournament will be able to happen in one place. :)
Wow - what a brainstorm while writing this, seems silly for that to be in the entry - but it was organic. :-)
So yeah, KFI was awesome - I dig Mo and of course have a spot in my heart for radio. People ask if I want to get back in it and I honestly want to do everything. Am I willing to re-climb the ladder? Uhm... dunno. I'm just following my heart. I know I could do it, and do it well, but my "doing it well" portion of my brain is being occupied with being a stay-at-home dad and GolfKon. Until that doesn't feel like enough? Why worry?
Also, to those that actually listened to the interview, I did indeed edit an entire person out as Claudia brought the "Kids in the Spotlight" director and since they aren't involved in the event on Saturday? I thought it best to save those portions for Memorial Day. Mo said he'd have us on again closer to that event and since this is most likely that last time "House of Tiny Treasures" and Andrew's "Wellborne Cinema Four" are highlighted? I thought they should get as much of the focus as possible. I already feel kind of bad that Memorial Day is ALREADY overshadowing them, but the truth is? Without them? None of it was possible. I need to make that clear in the March Madness Episode and at the event. Without the charity attached, there would be no Claudia Wells, Delorean... none of it.
Alright - I have a ton of work to do for Saturday... the foursquare colors are soon to be no more. :-( The court is still staying of course... but the primary colors simply don't fit with GolfKon anymore.
This really is gonna be an all GolfKon month isn't it?