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9:43 AM, Friday, March 21st, 2014:
I was texting Matt (current 5th ranking GolfKon player - yet actually the best putter, he's just only played twice) the news in this entry and all he could say was: "That is absurd." And I couldn't come up with a better word for it. As if everything leading to this meeting wasn't hard to process...
So I walk into Armani Wells and meet Claudia surrounded by cool Back to the Future memorabilia (as well as wonderful designer men's clothing at discount prices) and she unfortunately couldn't leave to grab coffee since an employee was out sick. Oh, wow, did I even mention how this came to be?
So 4 years ago I added "Claudia Wells" on Facebook after seeing her interview on the then just released Back To The Future Blu-rays. She mentions her shop and I realized how close it was and I won't lie - I asked her out. LOL. I mentioned I was a fellow actor, included my reel and asked her to coffee. I never heard back and figured she got messages like that from a TON of people. Never thought twice about it...
...last week, once the charity was lined up, I started going through my friends that were in LA - looking for any connections with celebrities that might be interested in making an appearence, maybe donating something, etc. Saw Claudia, remembered the shop - and even though she never responded I wrote "hey" anyway. Her reply?
"Love the video! Sure, I'll have coffee with you. Why not? As I always say, "you never know what a day'll bring...""
Oh dear. She saw the "hey" from 2014, saw the bottom of the note from 2010 and assumed it was all at the same time.
"Wow. So that coffee question was sent to you FOUR years ago. I am now married with two children!!! LOL."
And for once, I actually was laughing out loud. But of course, now that I had her attention? We both laughed, I mentioned the event and set up today's meeting. Crazy.
So we got to talking about the course, the event and I asked if she was associated with any charities and she was: Kids in the Spotlight. It's a group of professional actors, writers and industry folks that help at-risk kids produce their own short film in a 10 week program. But the real deal. So when they get to the actual shooting, there's a crew, it's catered - they feel like they're on the set. Pretty cool experience for foster children who would never have access to something like that. (http://kidsinthespotlight.org) I ended up just proposing things to Claudia and she thought it was cool...
For the event on the 29th? I thought it would be cool as I mentioned a couple entries ago - for her to give the autographed flyers to the players that got into the Final Four...
Done. They will be personalized when she gets back from an autograph show in Detroit that day and given to the Top 4. That's a very cool thing to play for.
Then I proposed the biggie: how's about we dedicate a hole to Back to The Future on Memorial Day, have you appear and have Kids in the Spotlight be the charity for the hole or even the entire event? She checked her calendar, it's open - and she booked it. That is happening. I noticed one of her postcards had the Time Machine Delorean in front of her shop and I joked "How cool would it be to have the Time Machine at my house on Memorial Day.
"Oh I can do that, I know the guy." Pulls out her phone and texts him.


<blink> To cut to the outcome, later that afternoon he called me, we worked out the details and it's happening. Uhm. This, will be at my house in my driveway for the dedication:
Uhm. What the hell? He's waiving the $1500 fee because he's a friend of Claudia's and he believes in her charity - but asked if I could cover transportation for the 200 mile round trip at a buck and change per mile. OF COURSE DUDE. We'll find a way to cover $250 for one of the coolest moments of my life. LOL. He also mentioned that I should connect with the actor that played Mayor Goldie Wilson as he digs doing stuff. I mentioned that to Claudia? She texted him and said he'd totally do it if he's in town.
Are you watching this steamroll? I mean, we still have 2 months to go! So of course I get to work on the logo for the hole...
And whyyyyyyyyy is it Golf TO the Future? Well, most of you know Hole 7 as the pipe hole... and now? You will be starting on the tee box in 1885 and literally "Golfing to the Future" to 2015 (the final pipe) while passing Pipe 1955 and Pipe 1985 in order to hit a hole-in-one. I'm working on all the graphics for each pipe as well as getting a Time Machine DeLorean for the ball to shoot over or under as it goes through the final pipe. Man is that gonna look cool in the episodes. :-)
So this absurdity is happening and I somehoew have to sleep in the next 2 months. LOL.
Then of course to top it off, she agrees to go on The Mo'Kelly show with me on Sunday to promote everything and announce the "absurdity" within this entry and then this video...
People, we're gonna raise a bunch of money for charities this year. My freaking BACKYARD. Can any of you process that this worked? You know what this feels like to me? 4tvs. An idea that everyone thought was crazy, that I built and then immediately booked a ton of shows at $250 a pop and it was the reason I moved to LA. But honestly? I think GolfKon is even a bit crazier. There's a permanence to doing shit to your HOME... and to the scale I did it? With the website and the tournaments and the league points... it's a very bizarre obsession that only right NOW has total justification.
What's next?!?!?