1:45 PM, Wednesday, March 19th, 2014:
This is a cool video...
Even in that video you can't really get a scope of how big that tree was.
Hell that doesn't even help 'cause you have to scroll it. LOL. Here:
The fence to the left is 12 feet and the apartment in the back is 2 stories. That monster is easily 70-80 feet tall. I had always been amazed at how much falls out of that tree and now I realize WHY it falls all 12 months out of the year. It takes that goddamned long for leaves at the top to reach the BOTTOM.
Of course as many home owners soon find out - tree trimming and removal is an expense of ridiculous proportions. It can be thousands and because of the proximity to power lines and the fact that the ENTIRE BASE is covered in an intricate MINIGOLF course? This was close to a $2000 job. I don't have $2000. So my buddy across the street who happens to trim trees said he'd see what his boss said. His boss said $1000... but I still couldn't rationalize it. He then said he'd do it for $700 if I helped and he jumped in the tree and I helped lower shit down, etc. I was down for that - but he kept changing when he could do it. Since the tournament is coming up I needed it done - so when another neighbor was having a tree removed, I talked to the guy, he came back and looked? $750 and his crew would do everything.
Deal. A week later - BOOM. Done. $750? Are you shitting me? Just renting the chipper and the truck and then getting a place to TAKE all that brush would run me $3-$400. Now throw in 3 guys working all day? Uhm. This was amazing. Now, the guy said he was licensed and insured, etc. which is actually a big deal for a situation like this because damage to your property is sooooooo possible but I didn't ask for records - I mean, when you don't have money? You just have to go with what you can do. Which also explains why I was so nervous in the video. I mean - literally everything on my property? I did it. So to watch 3 guys that could give TWO SHITS about GolfKon doin' that shit? Dude, it ended up being one of the more stressful days in my life. I know it seeeeeems like I've given up "the dream" as it pertains to The Journey, but realize The Journey has simply turned into my house/property/GolfKon. So standing on that roof recording that removal? I was watching the entirety of 2012 & 2013 flash before my eyes. Silly, I know, but what I've built is most definitely a family member to me.
And I'm not even sure why I'm bringing this up but to whomever thinks I just caused a tree "pain" I really, really hate you. In researching tree removal, etc. I came upon forums about trees and their "feelings" and their nerve endings and... I, just... we have dying kids in the streets on this planet people. Focus your energy already. In the time it took you to write about "screaming trees" you could've helped ACTUAL PEOPLE.
Ahem. Sorry.
So yet another phase of life revolves around GolfKon and I'm fairly certain that this entire month will be 100% about that backyard project. Funny considering I didn't even want to bore people with a VIDEO of the first major last year. It's now encompasses the part of my brain that used to be my career. I had a hole there for quite awhile... but it is most certainly filled. Family, career - it's all finally moving in one direction and I'm lovin' life.
Alright, wish me luck tomorrow... this could be a big moment.