12:19 PM, Sunday, March 16th, 2014:
Man has this flown. In my heart I always knew this was one piece away from coming together, but as I explained in the last entry - every piece seemingly relied on the other piece already being in place. However, now that they are? It's nearly effotless to get people interested...
So we have the site, the stats, the videos, the tournaments, now a sponsor and of course a charity. Which means talking to businesses or those who work in the media? It requires little risk for them...
For example, and I alluded to it last entry, Claudia Wells of Armani Wells (Clothing Boutique). I'm Facebook friends with her and you may know her as Marty McFly's girlfriend in Back To The Future. I asked if she'd be interested in being involved now that there's a charity? She said absolutely and we're meeting on Thursday to figure out what capacity works best. I mean, even if you can't sponsor an entire event, you can sponsor a couple holes and as well? For Claudia, her fame for the role could make for a great donated prize to winners:
Suddenly, it's very, very easy for people to donate and help. And how freaking cool is that autograph for movie buffs?
Then while updating Kurtis (Worst Show on the Web Host) about it - he said he's able to silk-screen t-shirts and offered to make them for everyone that qualifies. He owns a construction company and, there you go - another sponsor who can donate something that is not only a great value for those competing (completely for free remember) - it's a cool shirt that advertises GolfKon. I put together this design and he added the "aging":
How, cool, is that! He can make enough to supply the entirety of 2014 with very little output and Bedford Construction gets spotlighted at the event as well as every single video. Win-win. Kurtis is also an actor who has several friends on rather big network shows that are happy to simply show-up for a good cause. Win-win-win.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd then, I messaged my friend Mo'Kelly (been on his radio show on KTLK, worked with him years back with Tavis Smiley) and told him about the charity? Boom. He asked me to come on his show the Sunday before the event (a week from tonight) to talk about it. His show now on KFI which has easily 10 times the listeners that KTLK did. It's also available on iheartradio.com so all my peeps back in C-Bus can listen, just wow.
And in the blink of an eye, we have a business sponsor donating most likely $500+ to a great charity helping homeless kids, we have t-shirts, a radio interview on a big station, maybe even movie memorabilia for prizes and celebrities attached... it's just a domino effect. I was catching Rodriguez up on everything (#2 GolfKon Player) and all he could say was: "This is kind of insane, you realize that. That it is actually happening". And it is. I wasn't the only one who felt crazy for putting so much work into this... the guys that came to all the events and believed it would be more? They're invested too. We're all excited that something we've been a part of since 2012 is gaining momentum.
And the absolute coolest part is every single bit of energy put into it? Has the end result of helping a charity. It's mind-blowing. Every hour of construction and every second of attention to detail all lead to this. Same with the video work - I mean - thousands of dollars worth of work into every single one now has a purpose.
Now of course, those videos technically have "Sponsors". Which means it should be a bit more like TV and not like a short-film. Opening credits, commercial breaks for sponsors, the whole nine. Heh. So here you have it:
That's how you start a show. ;-)
And of course it all comes back to Andrew whose generous offer and lining up of the charity made everything possible. And for future events, thanks to having 9 separate holes, a business could sponsor a hole for as little as $15. It's a luxury to have all 9 sponsored for this upcoming event, but future events can have several sponsors and as well? Several charities. Each hole can benefit a different organization. GolfKon is such an ideal way to hold an event for charity I'm simply stunned at what the future could hold. For the remainder of my life, I'm gonna be able to give back so much more than I ever thought possible.
I'm not sure if that's something that eats at anyone reading, but it was always this future goal of mine when I "made it". I wanted to be comfortable, sure, but I wanted to get to a point where I could really give a good amount to charity. Not for the tax write-off, but because it's just something you need to do to feel a balance. An appreciation for what others go through and just how fortunate you happen to be. Unfortunately I'm not to that place financially. I made choices to lower my overhead to such a degree that I could survive in what most would consider poverty. So I don't have extra cash... but I do have time and ambition. That combination has brought us here. Cannot wait to see how much we're able to give this year!