5:56 PM, Friday, February 28th, 2014:
I'm hiding this entry at the bottom of a month because I honestly don't want anyone to see it...
...but it has to be written. Ugh.
It might seem a bit dramatic, but I spent the better part of my life taking care of that foosball table. Through every move I ever had (I've lived in 12 places in my life), that foosball table came with me. Every apartment, everything. When there wasn't room, I kept it in my trailer. Lovingly piecing it back together and cleaning it. An original German Foosball table that was not only as old as I was? But you never saw another one like it. I would have a house one day and my kids would play it.
Except when I got that house? It had no basement, and this thing is huge. I kept it in the converted garage until I started renting that out... and eventually in my trailer. Then I had to move that trailer and actually needed to clear it out, so I built a deck for the table and covered it. As you'll see in that video, in building that deck to save foosball? I created GolfKon.
...and the Foosball deck was wasted space on a course that really could use a few more feet. So it went to my work area of the backyard and I would find a way to house it there. And then I unknowingly covered it with a tarp that had a hole in it. And when I went to clean it two days ago? I realized it had some rather severe water damage that wasn't gonna be fixable. Maybe if I found someone to restore it... but then where would I put it?!?! (sigh) I made the choice to put it out front and give it away. Hopefully someone would find some joy in the restoration.
And then that night? It rained. And it rained for 3 fucking days. Not only did no one take it, I was then able to rip it apart with my bare hands and put it in the trash cans up and down the street. I saved some pieces to make some moratorium of some kind on the course (without that foosball table, there'd be no GolfKon)... but the table literally doesn't exist anymore. It's gone. Even being the documentarian that I am, I couldn't take video of that process. Here's the story in video format only because that's what this freaking vlog is.
I will never read this entry again. I will skip over it for the rest of my life. I am extremely disappointed in myself for not at least GIVING it to a good home. Just. Goddamn. The thing was nearly 40 years old. I spent my entire adult life trekking it around and making sure it was well kept.
Wasn't meant to be. Sorry kids, I suck. Hope you like GolfKon more than you would've liked foosball.