7:18 PM, Tuesday, February 25th, 2014:
2 months old!
Such a nice whack for the baby.
So Cameron is 2 months old, yet a monster of 4 month proportions. He's only 9 pounds less than Vienna already. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? That video might be the first and last time she can ever really "hold" him because he is a beast. We're not sure if it's the breastfeeding (Vienna wouldn't latch for shit so she was bottlefed formula for 6 months) or what, but he's in 3-6 month clothes already. Curious as to his percentile when we go next month. ;-)
Though it has lessened, it still feels somewhat like someone else's baby. God that's just so shitty to write, but I'm so busy with Vienna and dude is ATTACHED to the boob 24-7 so it's just random moments that I'm able to see him. However, it would seem the days of the "split-house" are coming to an end!! A couple days ago Cam slept for 5 straight hours. !!!! A feat that took Vienna 7 months. So the added weight is certainly helping in that realm. Bigger baby = longer stretches without eating. Which, I guess is a Kontras gene. We are good hunters & gatherers. ;-)
The biggest difference this time around is our, how do I put this, readiness for him to be 1 year old. Whereas with Vienna I personally savored every second (and had the time to especially the first 6 weeks), now I just want the two of them close to the same level so they can play a bit. Vienna desperately wants to do things with him and the reality is when you're watching both of them? You're actually watching Vienna while you keep hold him. By the end of the summer though... they will be closer to the same page and by the beginning of next year? It's full-out toddler chaos! In fact as the years continue on, 15 months will seem like twins. Just kinda crazy right now.
So Cam, congrats on knockin' that sleeping and eating thing out so well - we appreciate it. And understand, Vienna was just petting you like the dog. She actually thinks you're the coolest thing in the house...
Ha. Funnier in freeze-frame.