11:32 PM, Saturday, February 15th, 2014:
And in what seems like a minute Jimmy ends his time being "A Friend of Goofy". He's moving onto bigger things already at Disney and today was his final performance. We wouldn't miss it!
Man. Sooooo many great moments. Here's a couple stills I had to grab:
The amazing thing about this moment was that she never saw Goofy go through this door. She saw the area, walked there - and then put 2 and 2 together. Like, "Alright guys, game's over. He's back here. Open this door."
Family shot with The Goof Man.
Not even an ounce of fright about the characters... she was havin' a ball.
Nothin' beat hide & seek with Goofy though...
Wow. How precious are these moments by themselves? So fortunate to have this type of one-on-one time with a character.
Wake-up Cam! He slept every moment he was held. He did however dig the car-ride back home. WIDE-EYED at how dark it was. ;-) After Goofy, I'd have to say the other dog stole her heart:
As you saw in the video she went up to him to hug him. Wonder if it's 'cause of how much she loves our dogs that she takes to these two so well? <shrugs>
And I wasn't kidding in the video about that animation building. WOW. Vienna could not stop talking to the screens, spinning - and generally losing her mind:
What a spectacular room. Screens all the way around of every Disney feature. Finally screens that can rival ours at home. LMAO. She may be close to her first "in the theater" movie...
And thank you Jimmy once again for making the day special for us. Very happy I could help you out and get your last performance filmed and we're all extremely proud of how quickly you're making things happen. Fun journey to follow for sure. Was happy to get my pic taken with, uhm, Goofy...
Go Bucks.