1:30 PM, Friday, February 14th, 2014:
Whenever I talk about my relationship, I fear people feel that I in turn judge people who look at life differently. Couldn't be further from the truth. I'm just reporting facts on The Journey and one fact is that Talya and I don't give each other gifts.
You did read that correctly. There are no birthday cards, presents, Christmas presents, Valentines Day stuff - nothing. We celebrate with time. Memories. Videos. Moments. I don't write that as if it's a better way than anyone else, it simply is. And for those of you out there who are certain that she secretly wants those gifts and is lying to me? <throws hands up> How do I even answer that?!?! Verbatim, today:
"Hey, you wanna do something for me today on Valentines Day? Make coffee. Now."
And there you go. If she really wanted something for all of these special days and has held that in for four years? Well, shit. LOL.
It also has a lot to do with our limited space and ever-growing need to clear more space for those little ones who have taken over. That and the fact that for the younger generation? I will never understand cards. Give me a good conversation any day of the week. Buying a card someone else wrote, handing it to them and then knowing they will throw it away has always, and will always, strike me as bizarre. What can I say, we're weird - but again, we never buy each other anything except going out to dinner. There may come a time, when we aren't as space conscious and aren't also trying to scheme a way to make ends meet while also spending so much time at home... where we will have the luxury of buying items we don't actually need that we will enjoy giving each other. But most likely? When we want those things? We'll just go out and get them without waiting for a day when we're told we're supposed to get them.
Now, I say ALLLLLLLLLLL that to show this Valentines Day party of a bunch of 1 year olds being all 1 and stuff. It's cute and the video of the falling camera is being anxiously awaited by the mothers who are in it... so here you are:
Ha. This freeze frame is awesome:
Some of those faces could be watching a beheading it's so traumatizing to them. LMFAO. Meanwhile the kids are all "Mom, I break shit every, day. What's the big deal?" Too much. Tooooo funny.
So yeah, Valentines Day becomes a kid event and I'm not sure how our lack of "gift-giving" is going to effect our kids. They will obviously get birthday gifts, etc. but if they are as nonchalant as we are - won't they piss off their peers? This is such a "things" society and I don't know how our "anti-things" viewpoints won't eventually rub off.
It will be interesting to follow I guess. Alright - surprise entry coming up next! WOO HOO!