9:57 PM, Saturday, February 1st, 2014:
Tomorrow kicks off the 2014 Points Championship and statistically speaking? I will not be able to sweep the events again. No, I will be beat - and I put this video together to give you at home an idea of who to look for in the future events to dethrone yours truly...
...and it could easily be someone not even on that list. I'm still hitting up real golfing boards to attract newcomers and eventually every event will indeed be a coin-flip. And throwing even more statistics at ya, tomorrow? Is the best chance to win a major because it's only 9 holes. During Labor Day I was behind at 9, 18 and didn't take the lead until hole 27. And Match-play events? Having to win 3 separate 9-hole rounds to win? I will be beat. The competition just keeps getting better. In fact, to prove that anyone can come in and with a tiny bit of practice score well? Check out what the Kontras boys did today...
Wow. If we do that tomorrow, we're ALL in. And I know I'm not proving my point very well by being at the top of THAT, but the point is - my dad came in and shot a (-6) with only a few rounds of practice. I've only shot that in competition twice in over 30 rounds of golf. It can be done, I can be beat... however that (-7) has yet another heartbreaking story attached. Check out my stat line:
I was at (-7) after 7. I had two freaking holes to get a birdie and even set-up 8 perfectly to do it... couldn't pull it out. Ugggggggggggggh.
But my pops! Wow! One stroke off the course record for a personal best!??! That's awesome. If he puts his mind to it? He will qualify tomorrow. That's so exciting I can barely stand it.
Now, unfortunately, I have to address the Vice.com thing. I freaking mention it in the last GolfKon video at Halloween - I built it up and I have to provide some explanation. I could go into the fact that he acted unprofessionally while at the event (one we held up ending for over an hour for him to participate in and then never showed until qualifying was over) - but those specifics mean nothing. His excuse for not writing the piece is as follows:
"Our camera going dead was a huge problem and we weren't very happy with the pictures we had so that also slowed things down a bit. Plus, the video you made was 20 minutes long and gave every detail about the project, so truthfully, I'm struggling writing it because I'm not sure what I could add to it."
I mean I still can't actually believe he wrote that. Yes because I produce a video for every event, he can't write the piece. Gotcha. So I'm the guy that did my job - YOU MUST BE THE OTHER GUY. <rolling eyes> It kills me because I had radio interviews lined up for when that piece hit, and now it's back to square one. If only I hadn't been so thorough with my explanation of the tournament...
Christ it's like being back in showbiz without the... well, no it's like dealing with Hollywood.
So we move on. We will give money to charities this year even if I have to write the check myself. I will not make GolfKon a charity for shitty tax write-off purposes, I know I can get businesses to sponsor holes and give that to charity... it will all come together. Keep on keepin' on...
Alright, glad I never have to talk about that shit again. 12 HOURS LEFT!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!