7:45 PM, Friday, January 31st, 2014:
...and then we play a bunch of golf. ;-)
My pops has only been in LA once since 2009 and we barely had any time to "hang" since it was for the wedding so we were very excited to have the weekend with him. When he originally talked to me about dates in the new year I said:  "Well, if you're coming you need to be part of a GolfKon event" and so it is! My dad will kick off the first GolfKon Major of the year on Sunday. CANNNNNNNNNOT wait.
Of course he's actually here to see Vienna and the newest member of our family: Cameron Michael Kontras:
02/01/14 For clarification before you watch the video, I did indeed change the picture in this entry to one that was taken the following day because it was a better picture. My dad doesn't change clothes throughout the day)
After some time hangin' with the kids we soon made our way to the backyard...
You all do know that that is my father singing "Mack The Knife", right? It will be used liberally throughout the GolfKon video on Sunday. ;-)
Couple things on that game, my dad ended up shooting par right after and my attempt at breaking the course record of (-7)? What. What? How close can you GET? FAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. 've had a (-7) going into 9 ONCE in my life.... I cannot believe how hard it has been to break that record. Though my eagle on Plinko was utter bullshit. It never touched a peg. LOL. I hit the Plinko (actually now GolfKo) logo and it jumped the entire board and landed in the 1 slot. <rolls eyes> Here's the best games ever recorded:
There's been a ton of (-6) 17s, but I included Fred's (-5) 18 because he stood at Hole 8 with a freaking (-8) with a legit chance at (-10) before the triple bogey. 6 birdies and 1 eagle after 7 holes is legendary and it may be years before that happens again.
Anyway, tomorrow should be a nice leisurely day of rest, food and more golf. Jimmy is comin' up from Anaheim a day early for the tournament on Sunday so it should be pretty fun.