3:55 PM, Sunday, January 5th, 2014:
So I didn't want to get into the craziness of the beginning of this year because Cam totally deserved 3 pristine entries to commemorate his birth...
...but boy did things get hairy.
I alluded to it in the last entry:
Slept and slept. In fact, so much so when we got him home our doctor told us to take him to the emergency room 'cause he also wasn't eating. That phone call woke him right up and now he's doin' fine - but yeah, scary couple hours at home for sure.
What I didn't say was that although he was fine and we averted the ER, we went to the doctor the following day and they decided to give us the "everyone is sick as fuck" hour to sit in a small waiting room with a 5 day old newborn.
After nearly a half hour, mixed with already not sleeping? Both Talya and I were on edge. We finally asked for a room for newborns and they accommodated, but not before Talya and I got uber sick. Which is annoying because personally? I haven't been sick since 2010. It takes some pretty extraordinary situations for me to get sick but that sure did it. By Wednesday night (New Year's Day) I was sporting a 102 degree fever... yet I had no flu or cold symptoms? I knew I had to get out there. A 5 day-old Cam will already be fighting a cold that now everyone has, but if I have something really bad? I have to be quarantined. Enter Super Oma...
Talya's mother Karen already runs a few speeds too fast, so in emergency situations? She's already there. Incredibly, as we were all starting to enter the haziness of sick Karen's mother falls and is in the hospital...
So she's going to the hospital, dealing with end of life stuff (thankfully it looks as though she's going home with simply a week's worth of in-home care) on one end of town while helping with beginning of life stuff on the other. She's gotta drive my sick ass to her house so I can ride out the fever with a couple doses of Nyquil and more than anything:  sleep - and also thankfully: Jimmy was in town and able to help Talya throughout. Crazy family help!!!!
So the next day, though rundown, my fever broke and I was just a bit woozy. I came back into the mix as Super Oma continued running all over the city putting out fires. And remember, she already had Vienna by herself for 3 days while Talya and I were in the hospital and all of this? During the entirety of her Winter "Break" from school (she goes back on Monday the 7th).
Incredibly, I really just needed that one night's sleep and I was back and running with no lingering effects. Vienna and Talya were a little stuffy - and Cameron? Those lovely antibodies in breast milk and he never got sick. A few boogers but we don't really even know if it's normal newborn boogers or that he actually got a cold. <shrugs>
But without Super Oma, this simply wouldn't have been that nice of a story. This house is just, so, little and I had nowhere else to go. And man, she's made for these times. She really is on that level at all times so now is the only time when she doesn't seem insanely high strung. HA. For once we weren't constanly telling her to SIT DOWN AND RELAX. :-)
And thankfully, so far, Cameron is the polar opposite of Vienna in terms of demeanor. Took to breastfeeding right away, sleeps and sleeps (still up every 2-3 hours though) but hardly cries unless he's hungry and again, juuuuuuuuuuuust sleeps. If his eyes are open you've hit the Cam Jackpot for that minute. Vienna was nothing like this and we are holding our breath that just maybe we get him sleeping through the night in 3 months instead of 7. That would be spectacular.
For now we keep on fighting the good fight and living for Vienna's Cosby face. Have I written about that? She started doing the "Jelllllllllllooooooooo" O-face like Cosby a couple months ago and now does it on command. It's the funniest thing:
Dohhhhh. That's the damn best. Shit like that keeps us sane. Of course we don't show her waking up and screaming at 3AM last night and staying up for 90 minutes. No we save that video for the dates.