10:12 AM, Friday, January 3rd, 2014:
Whereas Vienna was awake and alert seemingly all day (and night) when she was first born, this was our view of Cameron in the hospital:
Slept and slept. In fact, so much so when we got him home our doctor told us to take him to the emergency room 'cause he also wasn't eating. That phone call woke him right up and now he's doin' fine - but yeah, scary couple hours at home for sure. In the hospital however, lots of Zzzzzzzzz....
What a cutie. Oh yes, we should finish the 3-parter with everyone meeting the man of the hour:
Vienna's indifference hasn't changed much once he came home. She's curious when he cries - but really just doesn't get why the hell we didn't leave him in the hospital. There's been teensy bits of jealousy if I'm holding him in my lap, she suddenly wants to be in my lap, etc. But luckily we're able to spend as much time with her as usual. That and her Oma is helping a BUNNNNNNNNCH. It's a crazy time for sure.
More pics:
SECONDS OLD! Right out of the oven!
Slefie! Or as my friend Gary said, since it was Christmas it's an "Elfie".
First Family Portrait!!! Vienna eventually felt Cameron needed to accessorize:
Ha. Not sure if she thought he needed it, or if she wanted to wrap it around his neck because he was taking her spot. LOL.
Although Cam's holiday arrival made visits to the hospital tough, Jimmy made his way up from Anaheim on Christmas Day:
And the Ferbers came up from Escondido the next day just before Cam turned 24 hours old:
We also stayed in the hospital a day less than last time as Talya felt much better this go-round. Which, yes, meant we took Cameron home on our Anniversary. :-)
Sleepy and grumpy. LOL. In fact, I believe we have a new meme for 2014. Step aside Grumpy Cat, here's Grumpy Cam.
HAAAAAAAAAAA. Every moment of his waking life so far has been met with the face of "I was sleeping. I was sleeping, and you changed that." Heh.
Alrighty - so there you have it. Cameron Michael is welcomed into the world and of course we all get ready for...
;) The world gains another Buckeye. Can't argue with that. Welcome Cam! Here's to an incredible first year!!!!!