12:01 AM, Wednesday, January 1st, 2014:

Usually this is an entry to talk about all that I hope 2014 will bring, but since Cameron came early, the first 3 entries this year will be telling his story in the same way I told Vienna's story 15 months ago. Beginning, during and ending of his first 24 hours.

So yeah, 16 days early on Christmas Day. So funny reading the entries leading up to #1398 where I talk about how boring this Christmas will be. HAAAAAAAA. And as a matter of fact? It kind of was. Whereas I had just slipped into sleep at midnight when Talya's water broke with Vienna - on Christmas we had a nice night of sleep. Woke up with Vienna and did, well, nothing. Karen was coming over to make the turkey and we were being lazy.
Talya thinks her water may have broke around 9:30 at which point we start FaceTiming with my mom, uncle and cousins. Talya just sat still. Not wanting to make anything happen, etc. During the FaceTime we were all very blase. "Yeah, I think her water broke. So you guys eat yet?  How's the weather?" It was the ho-hum. Then about an hour later, Talya realizes everything is fine and we continue our day of rest. Playing with Vienna, I turn on some NBA basketball and around 11:00 AM she comes back out and says, "Yeah, my water broke. We need to go."
And even then? We took like an hour or two. 2nd babies rock, you're just like "Whatever. I'm taking a shower damnit.". So we both took showers, packed our bags, played with Vienna. As you'll see in the video it was rather low-key. In fact, this is a good time to show you that:
Whew. So yeah, as I kinda put in the middle there - because the water broke without any contractions for so many hours? A VBAC was kind of off the table. Now, our doctor was not on call for Christmas Day and her replacement was, well, a bit harsh. I didn't show the part where she walked in, without saying hello or even introducing herself, and saying "I'M NOT DOING A VBAC". Nice to meet you. We knew it was a long shot, and even if our doctor had been around (she was willing to do it), because the water broke sooooooooo early, the risk of infection skyrockets. It's just one of those things. The Nature Nazis will tell you the doctors are evil, etc (and hell they may be), but it doesn't change the fact that because of the order that things progressed? It wasn't safe. Ideally, you want to be dilated, having contractions and then the water breaks soon before the baby comes out. To have gone 8 hours without dilating (though right at the end she started getting contractions which elicited a warm "I'M NOT CHANGING MY MIND" from the doctor - ugh) after your water breaks was already pushing it. And that only happened because so many women went into labor on Christmas Day. So we at least got an extra couple hours of waiting to see. It sucks for Talya more than anything because she so badly wanted to experience natural childbirth. I was in tears watching her cry that it wasn't going to happen. But it's a short-lived feeling because, well, in the end? It really is safer considering her first baby was breech and had to be C-Section and they won't give pitocin (drug to induce, what they'd normally do if this was her first baby and her water broke so early) to someone who had a C-Section previously. It simply wasn't in the cards. :-(
So you move onto the big moment - which if you watched Vienna's birth? This will feel like Groundhog Day. It's more than bizarre just how identical the two scenes are. Same room. Amazingly, even though it was Christmas Day, the only two doctors you really see (the anesthesiologist and the dude who weighs the baby and walks with me to the waiting "pen") were the same as with Vienna! Just incredible. But we'll save that for tomorrow's entry.