1:16 AM, Tuesday, December 31st, 2013:
You do realize that to me? Yesterday was Christmas Eve. Yes, when you have a baby on Christmas Day, you unknowingly erase the last week of the year while desperately trying to figure out what the hell is happening within the fog of sleeplessness...
...oh and Vienna has her first cold and has cried more in one afternoon than Cameron has his entire life. Ha. But for a moment, let's forget the details and look at this fairy tale year with romantic brushstrokes. This is my new favorite video...
Seriously, that made me swoon. I'd marry the guy that made that. ;-)
So yes, the magical dates of our lives continue to amaze us as we deal with the absolute craziness of having two kids 15 months apart. A massive thank-you to Karen who has basically lived with us to watch Vienna as we deal with breast-feeding issues and a baby that until yesterday literally didn't wake up for more than 10 minutes (should be up about 4 hours a day) and ate 1 ounce of milk the entire time. <Gulp>. Our doctor told us to take him to the emergency room and suddenly, as if he heard, he woke up, started eating - and simply hasn't looked back. Finally more awake, eating like a normal newborn and we only had 24 hours of "oh shit."
...to be replaced by much more shit as the weeks advance, but this is the last entry of the year so we're looking back:
Uhm, am I really supposed to write everything that was in that video? People that only read these and don't watch the video kinda make me schizo. How 'bout the script to the video?
A quick glance at The Journey should tell you I'm a bit of a numbers guy. From dates to entry numbers, there's a magic to how everything seemingly falls into place. However, 2013 even surprised me.


The year was a continuation of an incredible two years where the dates felt magical. I proposed to Talya in June of 2011 and 6 months later, on our 1 year anniversary, we were married. Exactly 9 months later to the day, Vienna was born. Entry 1275, the year of her birth and the year of mine. As 2013 began that little creature started growing, laughing and eating. She got to meet her Papou and family back in Ohio, including the 4th generation and two very special people in my life held my daughter. Back home I got to do a little studio work, both singing and talk radio and just when you start to get used to the routine?
<Video of Cameron Pregnancy Test>
...which meant, incredibly, in the first 2 years of our marriage, Talya would be pregnant 18 months. The first 9 months of 2012, and the last 9 months of 2013. Whew.
Another baby meant constructing every inch of our property for useable space and a certain minigolf course provided the motivation every couple months to complete each section...
And of course, that's the flip-side of how I'll remember 2013: GolfKon became a legit course with a website, 4 Major events and over 50 different players competing. Every event, I forced myself to get a little bit more done and by the final Major on Labor Day, our property was unrecognizable... and so was my daughter.
Who was this WALKING kid? Turning one! Where'd our baby go?
Of course Vienna's birthday on September 28th sets off the final 3 months of the year which are always my favorites:
My birthday on October 9th, and now a Golfkon Halloween Match-play event, Thanksgiving, getting a tree and the big game all in one incredible weekend, then Christmas, our Anniversary and New Year's!!! The big question would be, where does the new baby fit into all this with a January 10th due date? Will the Journey Gods find a magical birthdate for this baby girl?
<Incorrect "Girl" Ultrasound>
Except the ultrasound tech was wrong!
<Correct "Boy" Ultrasound>
It's a baby boy! We named him Cameron Michael...
The truth however is that because of his proximity to Christmas, we decided we'd celebrate his half-birthday so he didn't get screwed out of presents. Now we just waited to see when that would be... you ready for this?
Christmas morning, Talya's water broke and Cameron became a very special, on-the-day, Christmas baby. We brought him home from the hospital, three days later on our anniversary... and just to prove how magical our fairy tale is? That half-birthday? It falls on June 25th, the day I proposed to Talya. Well played, Cameron. You hit every date possible by being 16 days early.
Our family enters 2014 complete and Talya and I prepare for the most chaotic first few months possible taking care of 2 babies less than 15 months apart. I'm sure we'll be happy they're so close in age in a year or two, but I guarantee as much as I want to be different? There will be "What, were we, thinking" entries within the first 3 months of 2014.
We were thinking we're desperately in love and we vowed to make babies.
We kept our word. IIIIII love you Talya. And I'll be honest, I ended the video like this simply because your post-pregnancy hormones will make you lose your mind when you see it. Your happy tears give me happy tears.
Let's, Stop, making babies.
I just watched it again. Goddamn I adore "The Journey" at moments like this. The amount of work to keep this type of documentation going and LIVE, by myself, in real-time is excruciating at times - but look at that! And wait'll you see the first 3 videos of 2014! Just incredible, incredible stuff.
So Happy New Year everyone, and whatever you do - keep us in your thoughts. It's 'bout to get nutty in this mofo as we try to keep our sanity while the babies go all baby.
Good times. ;-)