10:08 PM, Wednesday, December 25th, 2013:
Man our kids sure know how to make great entrances...
How funny is Vienna's non-reaction? LOL. She's like, "Uhm, I'm supposed to be happy about this?" She was so confused. I went out and played with her off and on while Talya's mom and Jimmy came in and out. Vienna was a good sport fo sho.
Now, uhm - CHRISTMAS Whaaaaaaaaaaat!??! So yeah, 2 1/2 weeks early - Talya's water breaks on Christmas morning. <shaking head> I mean, at first I was bummed 'cause ya know the kid's gonna get screwed with Birthday/Christmas presents - but then I realized, if you're gonna do it? Why be the 26th or 27th. You're hosed either way - you might as well come ON the day, right?!?! HOW SPECIAL IS THIS FREAKING HOLIDAY NOW?!?!?!
This was already my favorite holiday and now THIS?!?!?! We are beside ourselves. I cannot believe it. So to answer your questions we'll do Christmas in the morning, and his birthday in the evening - and we will probably do a 1/2 birthday thing as well. He'll be covered - and seriously, it's not like he's NEAR Christmas - brotha HITS IT. He breaks that water in the morning! LEMME OUTTA HERE!!!
So to the mommies out there wondering how it went, they waited until 8 hours after her water broke and she still hadn't even dilated, so natural was out. The VBAC could've only happened had she gone into labor and was quite dilated before the water broke, but once Cameron kicked that fucker open, we were risking infection the longer we waited, so we had to have a C-Section. We were bummed, but totally understood. Watchoo gonna do, kid wanted to be a star. ;-)
Thankfully, this was a breeze of a day in comparison to Vienna. Full night's sleep, leisurely packing, afternoon delivery - relaxing night. Talya's water broke minutes after MIDNIGHT for Vienna and whew... longest day ever. :-) This has been nice. Not that we'll get used to it but it's been a relaxing ride so far.
Oh and this is nerdy, but I'll want to remember it. I forgot my freaking USB cable to load my footage so I had to actually iPhone video the camcorder SCREEN to make this entry's video. That's why it looks a little pixelated... but I couldn't wait. Had to get this video up on the BIG DAY!!! CAMERON IS HERE!! Our family is complete!
So slap happy. :-) Year end video on the 31st and the "Being There" video to start the new year! WAHOO!!!!
Adam, Talya, Vienna & Cameron!