3:01 PM, Tuesday, December 24th, 2013:
Oh you laughed. You laughed in my face! But a mere 7 months later, I present you this!
ONE SMALL INCH FOR VIENNA... and in a year? This kid is going to get through the course at 2 years old. I'm tellin' ya man. She grabbed that thing with 2 hands, hit that ball and at 14 months sees the light. Oh yes, she sees the light. All she has to do is get better than 6 on ANY ONE HOLE and she will be able to beat the highest score possible, (+31) 54. :-)
Sorry, just had to show her off one more time before the new year. I know that video is giggle-worthy, but I am actually surprised at how quickly she runs to the balls to grab 'em and throw 'em down the green. Now she's grabbing the putter (a kid's one is gonna be necessary soon) and she is intrigued. No doubt. I honestly believe by the time she is 4? She will be beating adults. I find that absolutely hilarious. Honestly, the only thing that keeps kids from doing well is their inability to focus - and so far that's ALL she seems to do...
...I mean I know people are all anti-screens before 2 years old, but since I video edit in a common room, it's unavoidable. So she's caught some curious george here and there and loves it. Doesn't keep her from focusing on books, etc. For a treat we showed her Winnie the Pooh and I was certain 10 minutes in she'd be off somewhere else... THE WHOLE THING. Talking to the screen and shaking during the music! Just absolutely entranced and studying every second. She honestly acts like a every 2 year old I've ever seen. I'm really curious as to how this will play out. Will she stay this focused? She can't possibly, toddlers start losing that attention span as life gets more exciting, right? Time wil tell.
I gotta say, I'm actually jonesin' for a GolfKon event. I've created the final match-play event for that long stretch from the Superbowl to Memorial day for March Madness...
And that makes 6 total events (4 majors) that cover every couple months throughout the year with the biggest gap being Halloween to Superbowl Sunday in February with no events. Which is perfect, it's all family holiday stuff anyway. But man, I miss it! For the serious players, here's how the events will go down:
02/02/14 - MAJOR - 2014 Super Bowl Invitational
03/29/14 - MATCH - 2014 March Match-Play Madness
05/26/14 - MAJOR - 2014 Memorial Tournament
07/04/14 - MAJOR - 2014 Independence Championship
09/01/14 - MAJOR - 2014 Labor Day Anniversary Open
10/25/14 - MATCH - 2014 Halloween Match-play Madness
02/01/15 - MAJOR - 2015 Super Bowl Invitational
03/28/15 - MATCH - 2015 March Match-Play Madness
05/25/15 - MAJOR - 2015 Memorial Tournament
07/04/15 - MAJOR - 2015 Independence Championship
09/07/15 - MAJOR - 2015 Labor Day Anniversary Open
10/24/15 - MATCH - 2015 Halloween Match-play Madness
That will indeed be the end of new events. Since Match-Plays (100 pts) are half the points of Majors (200 pts) it means 1000 is the excellence mark for a year. Couple months between events and I can now focus on Charities. I'm trying to refrain from telling the story of the Vice.com dude - but I have a feeling that before the Superbowl I'll need to explain what went down. You honestly can't even imagine the excuse. It's a new one. LOL.
And of course, tomorrow is Christmas! I know I mentioned this in the last entry, but throw in the fact that it's a high of 81 degrees tomorrow and Vienna hasn't a clue? It's not gonna be too special. We're just layin' around gettin' ready for the kid. Thankfully since Cameron flipped we've had very little uncomfortableness so it looks like we're going to make it to his due date. For awhile there we figured any moment, and indeed we are passed the full-term mark so we're ready if it happens. I really hope he makes it through the holidays and gets his own day. I mean, it would be sweet if it was on our anniversary on the 28th, but that would be annoying to him I'm sure. Either way I'm fairly certain the kid is gonna get a 1/2 birthday celebration since he'll be so close to Christmas.
Alright! Have a merry one! Two more entries left in the year!!!!! WOW!!!