3:38 PM, Friday, December 20th, 2013:
Man, neighbor, brother: I get it. When my kids are old enough to actually care about this - I'm probably gonna "Griswold" my house a bit. I won't put TONS of effort into it (save that for the GolfKon events) but I've done the icicle light thingees before and I'll do it again. And I really do get it - you went to the store, probably excited that they twinkled. And, oooh! They're LED! This will be awesome. So I give you, my neighbor's light display:
What the serious fuck is that. It's a goddamned horror movie, that's what that is. Not sure if it comes across on the video but it feels like a broken flourescent light on an abandoned building in person. First, LED lights just suuuuuuuuuuuck for Christmas lights. There's no warmth. It legitimately looks like office lighting. And twinkling is fine, but when it's random? EVERY STRAND? It's simply frightening. It's like the opening of a haunted house. In fact, now that I think of it, I should buy those for Halloween 'cause that would scare the bejeezus out of kids.
So yeah, it's that time. Of course my neighbors have a lit up Santa and Snowman in their backyard AFTER I put up a 9 foot wall so Vienna can't see it. (sigh) Not that it matters much this year anyway. I want to be really excited for Christmas this year, but the truth is, this is an "in-between" year. Our family isn't complete. We're waiting for Cameron and even next year is gonna be kind of just another day. Until a kid's 3, they're just not getting the whole "CHRISTMAS IS TOMORROW!" awesomeness. And don't we need to get rid of a few of Vienna's toys so she's even excited? I don't mean to be a scrooge here but I just don't remember ever having this many toys. And looking at old pictures? I don't think I did. I've been scanning those recently. Here's some of me at Vienna's age...
Yeah, I'd say the mailman is safe. My goodness it seems like Vienna hopped in a time machine for a few of those. But yeah, if my toys didn't fit in my toy chest? They were no longer my toys, they were this good guy named Will's toys. LOL. We just didn't have the room. We have even less room now so some of this shit has to GO. What a scrooge.
But only for a little longer. Christmas 2015 will be when the real family fun starts. No doubt. And it certainly won't involve The Flashing LED lights of Terror. Good lord, man.
Alright, here's hopin' Anchorman 2 is fun tonight. :-)