7:34 PM, Tuesday, December 10th, 2013:
Just when you think you've got a handle on things...
...Cameron FLIPS! Seemingly not even in the realm of possibilities since Vienna stayed breech the entire pregnancy (never budged once) and Cameron has been breech the entire time as well. 3 days before week 36 he positions for the big exit and Talya and I are left scratching our heads.
See, as much as you don't want a C-Section, it's certainly a lot easier. Now of course, all bets and dates are off. Since our doctor is one of the few that will attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) and Cameron is no longer breech? We go it au naturale and wait for the magical "water-break" to occur. With Vienna that occurred right after midnight 9 days early which for Cameron would mean right after midnight on New Year's Day. He's quite a kicky bastard so it may be earlier, but now we're realizing all that uncomfortableness Talya was feeling was most likely him flipping around and he might stay put the rest of the way. So crazy.
The thing is... we haven't thought about natural child-birth in well over a year because once we heard Cameron was breech we just figured it wasn't in the cards. Assumed something about Talya's horn-shaped uterus just made it impossible for the baby to flip. We were fine with it actually. Honestly, once you've gone through the letdown of having to have a c-section, it doesn't hit you the same way the next go-round. I mean, you've already been cut-open and it's now a "known known". The natural route suddenly becomes the "known unknown" and this ultra-routine pregnancy just got a bit more exciting.
Now, before we get too excited about this new process, we see our doctor next week and we need to make certain she really is willing to attempt this with us and that he hasn't flipped back. VBACs are actually against hospital policy where we're delivering and our doctor said only if everything was perfect would she attempt it. That's a vague statement for sure, so maybe she meant more than just the baby being in the right position. But, there is hope.
Of course what seemed, thanks to the movement, could happen at any moment... could now very well be another month. To be honest, we both want this over with. I mean, 2 years people. The first 9 months of 2012 and the last 9 months of 2013. That's a lotta pregnant back-to-back. Barely a breather in between. And whereas when you space kids out 2-3 years you tend to forget things? When it's just over a year you forget nothing. It feels like Talya hasn't had a drink in a decade. It feels like she hasn't slept comfortably since the 90s. The craziest part is that it's been 18 out of 24 months we've been married. LMAO. That's packin' a lot into 2 years. To say the least? Talya, is done, being tired.
How nice of nature to make you feel that way just before you don't sleep for 6 months. :-)
Well shit, I wasn't at the ultrasound 'cause I was watchin' Vienna-Butt so this entry's video is gonna be random. Hmmm. Let's see if I can tie this together...
Assuming Cameron likes stereotypical "boy" things, I will be passing the "ridiculous basketball shots" gene onto him. You saw Jimmy and I throwin' 'em up last month, figured I'd show some shots from '91 along with a new trick shot on my court I'm surprised took me 10 years to see.
I'll have you know I have yet to come close to getting that ball over the wall and Jimmy truly has done it 3 times. (sigh) Here's hopin' Cam gets the right Kontras Gene.
...and here's to natural childbirth.