4:47 PM, Sunday, December 8th, 2013:
No I'm not making a video of us watching the LOSS. That was the best part about last night: no editing!
Ugh. I'm amazed we can score 24 straight against the #1 defense in the country, but score NOTHING during their two separate 17-0 spurts. Our defense (except for the drive ROBY WAS OUT) played really well. But the truth is, OSU didn't choke, didn't play badly... they played great against a great team and that team won. Sometimes it really does work out that way. Looks like we'll play Clemson on the 3rd, a team we can absolutely beat, and we end up 13-1 and start next year in the Top 5. Who can argue with that. At least we lost the Big Ten Championship and not the National Championship. Oh, and might I remind you:
I know that's only an Ohio State/Michigan Fan thing - but in reality? We only care about that game and we would absolutely consider it a "good year" if we went 1-11 and beat Michigan. What can I say, we're a weird bunch. Go Bucks.
However, on the schedule for today's entry is one I think is pretty extraordinary, but I'm not certain. Time will tell, but "thoughtful" is not an adjective for most kids at 14 months. I've seen Vienna with those kids and it's a fuckton of chaos. Granted, she can be part of it, but as I've mentioned in previous entries I've watched her sit for over an hour, by herself, flipping through her books. One after another. Deep in thought. Sure she screams and whines and goes nuts like every 1 year old, but it's these moments that really make you scratch your head. Enter the piano:
I've seen kids of every age play the piano. Until they're 2? They beat on it instead of playing notes. There is a massive difference between 14 months and 24 months. It's an attention span thing. So let that soak in and then watch these 3 minutes...
What really gets me, is not just the individual notes and hitting single keys multiple times - it's that she does it with both hands equally. Her choice of hand is simply whichever hand is closest to the note she wants and when it's in front of her? Both hands are out. She's deliberate. One at a time and (though I edited it) for a good 15 minutes before all the toys on TOP of the piano became too much of a distraction. Also remember? Piano Keys are heavy as SHIT to a 14 month old. Then again, she was making sounds on a heavy piano at 6 months...
But I happily admitted in the entry:
"I'm not gonna sit here and tell you my kid is a genius. Kid beats the shit out of whatever is in front of her and she happened to hit 6 notes in a row that I could actually turn into a song..."
...but now it feels different. The fact that we can even say "focused and thoughtful" about a child that young seems unique. Then again, this is the kid who at 9 months took this picture:
Somehow I have never posted what is easily my favorite picture of her first year. She is not always that pensive, but I'm realizing these adjectives are a pattern and now that thoughtful disposition has meandered onto a piano.
Time will tell. As Lennon said: "I can hardly wait to see you come of age..." Woah, just looked at the date. Fuck. That's creepy. :-(
Man, what a buzzkill. I've erased and rewritten that twice now, but I'm gonna keep it in. That's what happened. The Journey continues...