4:17 PM, Thursday, December 5th, 2013:
So the dogs were goin' crazy out back and I grabbed my camera. Incredibly I captured not only wildlife goodness (including a squirrel, two dogs and a cat), there's some baby giggles and inadvertently video of the finished wall. You really can't ask for more than that from a Journey video.
So we're in December. The baby will most likely be born this month. Though he's due on the 10th, he's still breech (as Vienna was the entire time) so theye've scheduled a C-Section for the 3rd, but Cameron is beating the shit out of Talya lately and it just doesn't seem like he's staying in there until 2014. I mean, we're ready no matter what, we're in the constant mode of maximizing space by selling or giving away old stuff on craigslist to balance the onslaught of new stuff. Speaking of mazimizing space, check out this bit of nerdom I created:
That ridiculous monstrosity is a map of our property. Tan is the house and guesthouse, maroon is all the decking, brown/white is the cement, green is the golf course and grass in the front ...and black (other than the tees on the golf course) is what's been untouched. I had been wanting to see just how much space everything takes up and took a couple hours last week to put that together. I think it'll surprise people just how little space is actually GolfKon. Seems a lot bigger in the videos. There's not a whole lot left to do, but I do want to cover the new work area I made in front of the guesthouse so I can properly fill up that space with manly shit. Not a lotta space for that in the house anymore. ;-)
Speaking of manly shit, we're 48 hours away from the Big Ten Championship. Whew. I will say this: I'm more neutral about this game than any Buckeye game in recent memory. Meaning, either way? It will feel right. I've always been a realist (no matter how much I may hope for something, I'm unbiased), and I know how shitty are schedule has been. If they win? They deserve to play in the National Championship. If they lose? They don't. I won't be surprised if they lose... and not because I think they're a bad team. The real tragedy in having a great football team in a shitty conference is that you're not practiced. Had we played 3 or 4 Top 15 teams this year? We'd be better prepared for this game. Because we haven't? It feels like we're gonna get hit HARD... and then get our bearings as the game goes on. I can almost guarantee we will win the last 3 quarters. But will it be enough to offset what is sure to be a slap in the 1st? Not sure of that. We just haven't had ANY situations like this all year. Here's hopin' we can withstand just how formidable they are. If we can't however? I'll be ok with that. I'd much rather lost on Saturday than have another embarrassment in the National Championship. No matter what? The right team is going to be playing that night. The "fairness" part of me likes that.
Now Go Bucks.