10:27 PM, Saturday, November 30th, 2013:
There isn't even a close second. Easily, the two greatest back-to-back games I've ever witnessed and the Alabama/Auburn ending actually trumped Xichigan going for 2 for the win and losing. I mean... what just happened? I will honestly be telling my kids about this day. "That was a great game, but back in '13 - you just cannot believe what happened."
Up first, the epic video:
I thought nothing could top the 2006 Xichigan game, but when Hoke decided to go for 2 (which is the pimpest call ever, my hat's off to him), I was stunned. The entire time I thought they'd line up for it and then just kick the point-after. The fact that they did that... just amazing. In a game that big? Wow. He gets it. He gets the rivalry.
Quick aside, on the fight? I know the refs are only able to call what they see, but when 8 players surround 1 opponent and then visciously rip off his helmet (which could've injured him. a LOT) I have a very hard time faulting the guy for punching back. I mean, you just don't do it? But the guy was getting gang tackled. Once he gets his helmet ripped off? He has to defend himself. And wow. What the fuck people? Fights like that give me flashbacks of the Detroit NBA brawl (wow of course they both happened in fucking Xichigan) and it's horrifying. Push the fuck out of people. Knock those bitches to the ground... but the head/neck shit? Come on.
Whatever. FUCK Xichigan. This is pissing me off. Hall is a goddamned HERO for flipping off that whole fucking stadium. FUCK Xichigan. Okay, moving on.
We were both so spent after that... we turned on Alabama/Auburn and I started loading the footage. The game was back and forth and I just knew Alabama was gonna win. And I was actually kinda shocked Saban brought in a new kicker for the field goal attempt. I mean, I loved the Disney Story angle. Red-shirt freshman comes in to kick a field goal to win the game, but 56 yards (they later called it 57) seemed a bit much to ask someone that age to pull off. I never considered it would fall so short that Auburn could "Devin Hester" that mofo 109 yards to win the game. I mean, duh, no one did (except Auburn who put that dude back there)... and just wow - it happened. Jimmy and I were losing our minds. It is the greatest ending of a game since the Music City Miracle in the NFL that I've ever seen. It even trumps that because a kickoff runback is assumed... this? Wow. Just a thousand times, wow. The most intense two games back to back ever. And now we are one win away from the national championship...
...which is HERE, in Pasadena. 3 days after Cameron is born (if he makes it to the 3rd). (sigh) The last thing I want to do is leave Talya alone for even an hour that soon after the baby is born, but if we have the help? This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for me. But first things first - we have to beat a #10 Michigan State team that is easily our best opponent yet. I'm nervous about playing Florida State, but if we take out an 11-1 Michigan State team? We have a shot. Our biggest problem this year (other than our defense) is we play down to teams. I mean, we still win, but we don't break their backs. So if we beat Michigan State the same way? I see no reason we don't do that to Florida State. But goddddddddd our defense is maddening. How the shit do we let Xichigan score 40? Ugh. Florida State scored 80 a couple weeks ago? FUUUUUUUUUCK.
But AGAIN... Michigan St. That's all we worry about now. Gonna be another insane Saturday next week. Whew.
GO BUCKS! Welcome December!