9:35 PM, Friday, November 29th, 2013:
Ear worm in 3, 2, 1...
I'm really enjoying having a mic that I can make songs with. A lot. This whole month is full of 'em. I don't even have to put in reverb (I did on the sweet potato pie part, but nothing else). Makes it so fast. Exactly like WTVN. I should do a Boyles episode for old times sake. Wake up Lester from the 1999 sleep chamber and tell him about Obama.
So Thanksgiving! And I got the guys to play golf! I had the first 3 holes there for a baby shower last year and they had none of it. But something funny happened yesterday: men. That inner "alright, give me the putter..."
See, they watched the youngin, Zach (16) make a putt. And then another. Finally his father said "Alright, give me a putter. I'll play you." Back and forth they went, and soon Zach's uncle jumps in to play 9. Finally, and I really can't believe this, The olllllllllld man at 86 gets annoyed. "Allllllllright, give me a putter." He couldn't pull off all 9, but he went up to 1 and parred it, and then as you see in the video got a birdie on 3. So cool. That makes the youngest player to putt a hole on GolfKon 6, and the oldest 86. Wow. Good times. The day's scores for future trash-talking:
(Tied 1st) (-3) Adam Kontras
(Tied 1st) (-3) Jimmy Kontras
(3rd) (+1) Zach Ferber
(4th) (+4) Steve Ferber
(5th) (+6) Russel Ferber
It's funny I went out at like 8:30 pm to beat that score and thought I did at (-4)... then as I was laying in bed I thought about hole 7 and realized it was actually a par and not a birdie. Doh. A Turkey Day Tie sounds good though. ;-)
Oh and the pic of Nick on google... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I took his last name off the entry, so whenever google does another web crawl it should no longer come up - but that really could be a year. Best shit ever. I would OWN that moment. Jimmy and I found that quite hilarious...
...alright I'm stalling. Listen, the food was great, everything was awesome - but it's all a precursor to tomorrow. We are less than 12 hours away from kickoff and Jimmy and I are a wreck. Last year it was 2012-0 and we STILL haven't lost? And then after we BUTT STOMP Xichigan - if Alabama loses we go to the National Championship? Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? It's gonna be a nerve-wracking day. And the sooner I end this, the closer we are to finding out what happens. Of course it's going to be an entry. Gonna videotape our reactions the whole game. This is a big one.
Whew. Happy Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey and Go Bucks.