1:07 PM, Friday, October 25th, 2013:
Love it, love it, love it. And those turkeys gobbled so goddamned loud I almost crapped my pants. As you saw at the end of the video Vienna DID crap her pants. Fucking Turkeys. GOD.
And man, how perfect is this pic...
Tip of the hat to Talya for nailin' that one. If you guys had any idea how happy it makes me to have a wide who is a great photographer/videographer... it makes my job soooooooooooo much easier. :-)
So I guess add this to the list of now yearly entries I will have no choice but to bore people with... I'm dangerously close to having 5 new entries a year and 95 sequels. LOL. But I have to remember one thing: my job has always been documentation. This is it. That will evolve in time. But this is the most exciting character defining thing that is happening to me. A PUMPKIN PATCH WITH MY WIFE AND KID?!??!?!
I never thought it would happen... it's just a wonder to me, I love every second and the full version of this video is priceless to me. The editor in me made it 1:38 knowing this isn't your child so LET'S GET ON WITH IT.
Next entry is the GolfKon Halloween TOURNAMENT!!!! Can't wait. We have a ton of people coming. Should be a very special day.
Happy Halloween!