2:22 PM, Monday, September 30th, 2013:
I kinda wish there were 7 days of "birthday". Space this shit out. I mean, how do kids not LOSE THEIR MIND on their birthday?
I mean, at 1 they take it in stride, but it could be a really awesome week as opposed to a cerebral cortex-splitting day. Just sayin'. Alright, video of Vienna checkin' out her video and the day that was:
Awwwwwwwwww. And everyone noted that I seemed to be having more fun with the toys than she was. They're right. I have missed playing with toys somethin' awful.
The party went off without a hitch as Vienna just kinda loves having people around. Didn't freak out at them singing happy birthday and even kept her birthday hat on for like 20 minutes?!?!? I gotta blame being sick on that one. There is never a time when she wants ANYTHING on her head, I think she just got distracted and forgot it was up there. But man, look at the pic we got because of THAT:
YEAH! As you could see in the video, there wasn't gonna be a faceplant no matter what we did, but eventually she got into the game. In true Vienna fashion though she spent most of the time picking the GRAPES out from AROUND the cake (that she had been eating earlier) because this girl adores grapes. She will eat grapes before ANYTHING. Including that lovely red velvet CAKE in front of her. We'll enjoy that now 'cause that shit ain't lastin'.
Vienna also got a great amount of toys and as if I WERE 7 helping her open them I did not hold in my disdain when she got socks or clothes. LMAO. I apologize to anyone who noticed that. We certainly do appreciate them, but I just felt like a kid and couldn't possibly throw them to the side fast enough. BUILDING BLOCKS! A CASTLE! BIG BOOKS! YAY!
Socks? :-(
Alright, time to embrace October and start finishin' up some things before the final member of the Kontras Klan makes his way into this house.
Happy Birthday again Baby-V,