1:09 PM, Saturday, September 28th, 2013:
Man, is there anything sadder than being sick on your birthday if you're a kid? I guess if you're gonna choose one to be sick on it'd be one of the first ones 'cause you can't remember 'em anyway...
So yeah, Vienna had a fever yesterday and then woke up this morning vomitting. We were very close to calling off the 4pm party, but she is in better spirits. Baby motrin has kept the fever down, but she's clearly battling something. Makes her super clingy, which in all honesty is kinda cute 'cause this kid is the OPPOSITE of cuddly. Won't sit in your lap, doesn't want to be held - HAS SHIT TO DO! So the past couple of days has been kinda fun for me and Talya (sick of us, isn't it?!?) but not so much for the the little tyke. Yup, Vienna is now a toddler. Whew. Made her a video...
Blah, blah, blah, blah. :-) I'll show you her reaction to it in the next entry. Pretty cute stuff.
As it usually feels for me the last few years, part of you thinks it flew by, part of you thinks it dragged and in the end you think: "Yeah, that felt like a year...". I mean, I can't believe she's 1 because the changes are so fast, but it absolutely feels like a year to me. Last night Talya and I went out and talked about how ridiculous THAT day was last year. A long day to begin with, I hit the bed at 11:40ish only to be woken up 15 minutes later with her water-breaking. That horrible "I've only been asleep 15 minutes fog" and then you're up for the next TWENTY FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. Needless to say, it was very nice to sleep through the night last night. And we should load up on those because 2014 will be a complete mess.
So what's Vienna like at 1? Other than this recent clingy-ness, she is as vocal as any child I've ever known, as fearless as any 1 year old I've ever seen and fiercely, fiercely independent. I have no idea what that means for the future, but it is remarkable how clear that is even a year in. She will DO IT HERSELF THANKYOUVERYMUCH. I always think of our ultrasounds with her and the technician watching her move around: "Wow, this kid's gonna be down the hall by 7 months." She was. There is no caution, there is no trepidation. Even with strangers she just becomes serious like she's waiting to see their next move. It's honestly why we're digging this whole "sick" thing. 'Cause she's actually acting like a baby. And you'd better believe we're hoping Cameron is the opposite of this because the whole "partners in crime" scenerio with kids only 15 months apart is mortifying. LMAO. I mean, no doubt that will happen to some degree but ya hope one of 'em has the ability to go:  "I don't know man, this seems like a bad idea." Vienna always thinks it's a good idea. LOL.
But make no mistake, at 1? She's the greatest creature I've ever hung out with. And I know people keep telling me about the future and how much better (or worse) THIS will be and THAT will be, and I just don't have that personality. I don't think 1 year is better than 1 month. In the least. Every moment is unique and as I've said so many times before: a privilege. It is heartbreaking to me that people see parenthood as anything but. Talya and I are having a ball.
Alright, gotta get a few decorations together for the big shindig. Man, any idea how excited I am that birthdays MEAN SOMETHING again?!?! It has been over 15 years since I've given a shit about a birthday and FINALLY they start to be exciting. I adore celebrating kid birthdays. Love the milestones. What a fun couple of decades we're gonna have.