3:25 PM, Monday, September 23rd, 2013:
Dear Cameron,
Last year when mama was pregnant with Vienna, we took a trip to NY and I got fat and grew a beard to look like a "dad". It's one of the fondest memories I have of her pregnancy and I love looking at what seems like a different person...
Then, incredibly, another trip to NY for a wedding and I had already gained a couple pounds so I figured "hey! You should get your own fat bearded dad video in NY from when mama was pregnant with you."
This also marks the official announcement of your name and probably a good time to explain that hat. For the past dozen years that has been "Cameron's hat". Back when I did a show with my characters, the egos, I decided to have the REAL me play "my brother" and named him Cameron. So for a whole bunch of people, it's going to be very strange to see YOU as Cameron. But the truth is? You were always Cameron. I just couldn't have you in 2001, (I was married to someone else and Talya was 17. It would've been awfully difficult to explain) so I used a placeholder for a couple years. Those days are over and you now get to make your grand entrance into this world with the name that was always yours: Cameron Michael Kontras, after my father and your grandfather.
We cannot wait to meet you Cameron. You complete our family.
<smile> I know there's gonna be a ton of people that are gonna roll their eyes at that name not seeing the above video, but watchoo gonna do. Very soon, my son will be who they think of when they see Cameron Kontras and that other dude will be so far removed it'll be but a footnote. But yeah, it is still a little strange - even to me. :-)
So a day in Central Park which given the time of year is awfully, awfully surreal. My 30th birthday here in '05, meeting Donna in '06 (even spending this day here that year), coming back with Donna in '07 - exact same weekend when Jess & Jeff were married marking the end of CBS - coming back in October '08! I mean, this is the exact time I always came here. Strangely though? Now is the first real time I'm thinking about it. My life is sooooooooooooo different, sooooooooooo good... it's just, well, what your past is supposed to be: behind you. The man who had an ever-present past for 10 years is now so in the moment these sentences seem like a waste of space. Still so hard for me to wrap my head around (as you can tell). What on earth is "The Journey" going to become? Can it really be this limbo of happiness for much longer? I mean, there's an unease to that! 'Cause if you're not failing?  You're not trying. I kinda need that sting man. And the sting of not getting beat at GolfKon isn't exactly doing it. Heh. So onto the lovely pics...
So after the chest slapping video, I think it's clear Vienna is honed into music. She could watch a band for easily 30 minutes straight, which to a 1 year old is a good chunk of her life. What luck to find a jazz quartet starting up... made for nice background music in the video.
And now you know the real reason I grew the beard. :-) Gotta say though, I really dig looking like a different person when I look in the mirror. I have zero issues getting older right now too. Funny, isn't it? In my mind? I feel about 77, so I look in the mirror and think "WOW! I look young!" LOL.
These look so much like pics of familes in the 70s it's unsettling at times.
The shot from the infamous bench all these years later. Wow, next year marks 20 years. Whew.
I was in this corner of The Warner Center for 90 minutes (30 sitting until a guard made me stand - dick) waiting for Vienna to wake up from her nap. I took a bored selfie and then thought: "Jesus, I'm Judd Apatow all the sudden?"
I mean, if he ever smiled. :-) Still think he's the shit. And see that up there?! That's the way you're supposed to grey. Your beard greys when your hair greys. No idea why my beard is in my 50s and my hair is still in my 20s. Bizarre.
And incredibly? We drove INTO Manhattan, parked and got all around without ever spending a dime. Googled a way around the tolls, found free street parking on Sunday and walked. Kick. Ass. Nice memory of Central Park that will need to last awhile... 'cause as I've said time and again these past three entries: this shit ain't happenin' until these rugrats are 3.
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Alright, next entry is exactly 100 entries after #1275 and on her birthday. Fun how that works. :-)