8:05 AM, Sunday, September 22nd, 2013:
Kinda cool to have an entry called "Wedding Randoms" and have it not be one of mine.
...though I do have to share this:
1) The African Donna Wedding
So Talya's friend Lindsay, who got married yesterday, is from South Africa. Her South African father gave a speech at an ocean-side reception giving me one of the stranger 3 seconds of my life. Donna and I always said if we ever "really" got married, we'd do it in South Africa so her family could be there. Seeing as I never met them (nor saw a picture of them) hearing that specch with that accent, in that setting gave me a nice dose of "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird"...
...for literally 2 maybe 3 seconds. Long enough to tell Talya how weird it was and then we're off chasing Vienna around the dance floor. It's the funny thing about happiness, kids and contentment - it makes those moments we all have (those of us with a past) fly past you so quickly you barely see them. In fact I'm certain I've missed tons of these neurotic moments in the past couple of years simply because it now takes 3 elements coming together at once for it to spark my brain... in 2010? I could see a hallmark commercial and be a wreck before I even knew what it was about. Everything dripped with The Journey, every day was some fucking anniversary that could keep the depression going. I mean, shit - today is Jess & Jeff's 6th anniversary, My grandmother's death date was yesterday in 2000 and we're going to Central Park today which 7 years ago? Is where Donna and I spent the day 3 days after meeting. <throws hands up> How did I ever function with all that baggage long enough to find Talya? Jeeeeeeeezus. But I did and now we're here. So awesome. Anyway, back to the randoms...
2) Photo-booths are cool
I remember when we were budgeting for our wedding wanting a photo-booth and finally having to let it go because it was like a THOUSAND dollars. Only in a scam like a "wedding" can someone tell you that price with a straight face. But I'm really glad they had one, 'cause this pic is priceless...
From left to right it's just a stunning picture of two beautiful creatures...
...and then there's this ASSHOLE with pink glasses on. It makes me laugh a bunch. I'm one lucky asshole.
3) Have you gone hipster?!?!
No, not in the least. The beard is specifically for the next entry. There is a method to my homeless madness. I do have to admit I dig feeling like a COMPLETELY different person all day as opposed to for a few hours as "The Egos". I look 15 years older, 40 pounds heavier and I actually GET eye-contact from women. LOL. That's when you know you've lost it. HAHAHAHA. When they will stare and smile? You're an old man they don't even find the least bit attractive or threatening. I mean, I look awful. LOL. I don't look trimmed, or "Cool" I look dirty. But it's fun to do every now and then. And wow, the grey in my beard won't QUIT. The hair on my head? Maybe 3 or 4? My beard has gone full-on salt the past 5 years and it's remarkable how much it changes your appearence.
4) Lots of Events
So the wedding was broken up into an Indian "Sangeet" on Thursday, which was an Indian Dance club for lack of a better word. Complete with that ONE girl that's dressed so innappropriately you spend the night laughing watching those around her try to look away (no, it's not in my video). A dress rehearsal on Friday and the wedding and reception on Saturday. All the events were impeccable and it was an honor to just be a part of it. It was however, a ridiculous thing to attempt with a 1-year-old. Talya's mother is also friends with the family so she too was invited, which certainly helped, but it wasn't a lack of hands that was the issue - it was just the epitome of "ridiculous" in terms of something a 1-year-old would enjoy. She enjoyed seeing the dancing, and she loves the hell out of people. All the other kids became objects of her affection the moment she layed eyes on them, but as far as Talya and I enjoying it? Not so much. Again, the girl learns to reallllllly WALK in the airport on her way TO this event? Sheeeeeeeeeeit. Game over. It was like having a new kid. In fact, I'm fairly certain eating out is OVA until March '14. Which is good. I'm gonna be in workout mode the next couple months anyway. :-)
5) Uhm, can we just see it already?
Why am I explaining all this?
Talya and I laugh at how it seemingly ends at the wrong place because, well, we had to leave early - WE HAVE A ONE YEAR OLD. Haaaaaaa. You're like "Hey! Reception! Cake!" Nope. It's dark, this kid is gonna lose her shit. Video slowly fades out. Heh.
6) Funny Random Picture with zero context
7) Adorable Random Picture with no need for context
Is it wrong for me to think it's hilarious she's hiking her skirt up to show you Elmo on her diaper? That will cease to be funny in the future, but right now, it's kinda cute.
8) Joking Aside...
This wedding was stunning. I mean when you pull up to this...
...and it's your HOTEL and not the wedding location? Uhm, JESUS. Glen Cove Mansion if you were wondering. Gorgeous and all things you miss about back east:  GREEN. SPACIOUS. And then you add the Indian Sangeet which was incredible, the rehearsal dinner on the beach. Ironically, the first time Vienna has ever been to the beach:
Then a wedding with this view?
Followed by a reception also on the beach to end it off? Faaaaaaaaaaaaaackin' hell they knocked it out of the park. Lindsay and Neel, congratulations for pulling off what had to be a tonnnnnnnnnnnn of planning. We were blown away.
9) And be proud to know...
...that you mark THE last plane trip this family will be taking for several years. We were determined to pull it off, but I cannot tell you what I'd give to not have to be in the airport for 12 hours (9 hours on the plane if you can believe it) just to get back to LA tomorrow. At least on the flights here I got this...
10) Holy Gotham View Batman
...nothing that cool pulling into Salt Lake City Utah at sunset. That's Freedom Tower in the middle and the video that still is from? Is breathtaking. I was gonna include it in the video but it truly deserves its own entry. Flying directly over Manhattan at sunset from the perfect seat by the wing? 14 minutes of wonder. Wow.
Alright! Central Park bound where we announce the name of our son!