6:04 PM, Thursday, September 12th, 2013:
Kids like music, I get it. I sing for Vienna all the time, she's seen my singing videos... I shouldn't be surprised at this...
...but then she started slapping her chest the way I do when I'm singing? And at 11 months, she has officially left me speechless.
Wow. I mean, just:  wow. I have nothing to compare this to, I am absolutely being that parent that thinks something is exceptional when it could very well be completely normal - but that shit floored me. She knows the sign for "milk" and "all done" (kind of) and in essence, this is just her way of mimicing what I do when I sing - but it's clearly new territory for me and Talya to witness and it's absolutely a "sit-back" moment. She's walking (video later of the whole transition) a bit now and already feels "toddler-like" but this level of understanding and most likely a sign that she's gonna be musical is extraordinary to witness.
We're very lucky to have this much time with her right now. I remember Steve Friedman said to me in 2012 "Enjoy the first 2 years, they're the best" and I kinda found that odd... but I get it now. They are so unique and absolutely stand-alone in life. The following years compoundon a foundation, but the first 2 years? They exponentially multiply INTO that foundation. One day your kid is staring wonderously at her mobile and then she's slapping her chest and dancing to your song. In, an, instant.
Can't believe we get to do this anew in 2014. :-)