10:24 AM, Sunday, September 8th, 2013:
Dear Mr. President,
Your foreign policy has been impeccable. Not only ending the war in Iraq responsibly and catching Bin Laden, but when everyone gave you shit for "leading from behind" in Libya? You were right. You supported a bigger mission and it cost no American lives and a fraction of what an actual war would cost. You have been spot-on in your approach and my only grievance with your foreign policy has been the length of time it's taking to get out of Afghanistan (though I'm aware I know fuck all about the intricacies of pulling out of wars) and that goddamned Christmas Day bomber who was ON THE TERRORIST LIST but not on the no-fly list. What, the, fuck. But everything else? Spot-on.
And then you saw video of gassed babies...

And now? Now you're acting like a father, not a president. We all saw the pictures and videos. We all wanted something done about it. But here is the irrefutable truth: if there is no world support? We, as the United States of America, no longer have the ethical ground to do something about it. We spent that capital on Iraq and Afghanistan. This isn't the 90's, we can't pull a Bosnia anymore. And because of those two wars? No one believes the government and won't for a good 2 generations. This is the reality.

You're right though, this isn't at all like Iraq and there's no reason this can't be a limited skirmish that sends a message... but without world support? It could easily become much, much more. You cannot do this alone. You cannot ask for the UN's support; not get it, ask for the support of Congress; not get it...
...and then do it anyway as if it somehow is a safety issue for the US. That's bullshit, that's an impeachable offense and I will be the FIRST to call for it. You need to fall on this sword. You're using your political capital and you're losing. That must be a kick to your ego and your pride... but if you weren't able to sell it? You need to take your lumps and move on. You entered this presidency in the midst of 2 wars and an angry nation. It doesn't matter that your Syria plans are indeed limited, no one gives a fuck. They are DONE policing the world. Some Syrians killed Syrians and we're supposed to kill more Syrians so they know not to kill Syrians? Fuck that. Tough shit. Dead babies happen in civil wars - get over it. You will not stop the atrocities in the Middle East by yourself. The entire world has to come together and you cannot tell me you're bombing as a last resort. Fuckouttahere. You're wrong. Stop being a father to this country, be a leader and accept that you're part of a greater community.
I hope you're losing a lot of sleep. I hope you have more grey hairs in October than you do now. I also hope at the end of the day, you delay this bombing... and eventually not go through with it. You will show the world what Bush could've done if he had the intestinal fortitude to fall on his own sword. You had it at one point, but 5 years of sycophants in the White Bubble may have softened you.
Time will tell.
All that being said? People, stop acting like this is Iraq. There will be no troops on the ground, this is a specific retaliation for a dude gassing his own people and it's only our blunders of the past decade that keep us from being able to do this without question. But as I said, that is the reality and beyond that? Without world support? This is how World Wars start.
Hopefully he allows the egg on his face, withdraws this attack, and then deals with the fallout which will undoubtedly include "Did Obama plan all this JUST to look magnanimous?" There will never be a shortage of idiots. As my Facebook page can attest...
After the inane "Ben Gazi" debate started I just had to end it...
"...here's where I stop giving a shit, you fucking 'Ben Gazi' redneck dipshits are easily the stupidest fucktards in the country. Your inability to do even the simplest deductive reasoning about that incident proved your gullibility then... and your absolute 'Darwin award' mentality now. Fuuuuuuuck off already."
Fuck. Me. As I finally say at the end of the thread: "The truth is? The intelligent people just, don't, respect you enough to pretend you're not a fucking moron anymore. We used to but now we're tired. If you still think he was born in Kenya and that 4 deaths at an embassy is the worst thing ever, block me. Please. You aren't 'the other side' that I'm afraid of debating, you're gullible, stupid and not worth the sentence I just wrote."
Anyway, here's hoping Obama does the right thing.