2:18 PM, Saturday, September 7th, 2013:
This is a very odd thing to share on the site, but I just find it fascinating what the relationship with my mother has become. Friends, of course, we pulled that feat off by the time I was 30 (moving to LA kinda strained things) but what I notice most about this video is that we don't talk like mother and son and honestly never have. We talk like a couple. And growing up? We did indeed feel like a team. Single mom... even when my step-father came into the picture... it still felt like "Single mom and son" dealing with that guy. Not always bad, but never an actual family unit - and it never seemed like he was more important to her than I was. Years later, I look back on it as I would an ex. Meaning, we're great friends now... we used to live together, but we moved on from that label and now we're friends. As you can see from the interview, there are indeed still parent/child issues that I'm more than happy to remind her of (how horrifying is it that your kid keeps a tape journal and saves it for 20 years and brings it back up when you wouldn't let him go to the Billy Joel concert? LMAO)... but for the most part? We talk very nonchalantly, extremely frank, and get along fine. Bizarre how that can happen decades later. I hope people find this as interesting as I do...
I have to thank my mom for being willing to do that. I'm a weird kid. Both my mother and father have little to no issue with video cameras and I guess they just accept that's what I do. And as I said before, she's just open. Exhaustively open. I guess I had to get it from somewhere. There's certainly parts of that conversation that will be private forever - lol.
...but I post this as a tiny worm to those who watch it. Talk to your parents. If it takes a bottle of wine, or your own vulnerability to break down their walls? Do it. All your issues lie within and truthfully? They have a ton of issues about just what they did to YOU. 'Cause shit, as parents, we don't know. I take that back - I do:  I will fuck my kids up in my own special way. But thinking back my mom just made me nuts so I left as soon as I could and started my life. What the hell's wrong with that? Your home life is SUPPOSED to be unsatisfying, right? Otherwise we'd never leave...
But you'd better believe I'm pissed about the France trip. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit. Imagine all year in that class having the entire curriculum leading up to that trip on spring break knowing you weren't going? GODDDDDDDDDDD. Thankfully, the Gameboy was released that year. French class was the SHIT.
Justin Linnabary... you know what I'm talking about.