1:59 PM, Saturday, July 20th, 2013:
I was looking at my footage from recording the Trayvon son last entry and I just had to share it. Not sure if anyone noticed but there's a BUNCH of edits in that song (even a dreaded jump-cut) because I never completed ONE take without interruption. I've learned to operate in almost constant chaos when it comes to The Journey or my artistic endeavors, but trying to pull off writing and recording something with as much emotion as that last song in the time it takes for Vienna to have a doctor's visit is a challenge to say the least. Thankfully, I know a good editor. :-)
That video is almost a story-arc for my life. I start off doing one thing I think is important, and by the end, I'm just having fun with my kid. I still uploaded the song, shared it on a political forum, asked people to pass it on... so I do actually believe it's important - but in the end I'm just gonna rock out with Vienna.
It does however mean my chances of "making noise" are slim to none. It's not the time anyway, but I do realize that I'm going to have to sacrifice a bit of the fun to get where I need to be. Not just for me, but to actually produce money once the Imax windfall dries up. Oh and I'm finally going to be able to write about that story this year. Have a feeling I will be "out of stock" come January 1st, 2014. Can't believe how long that stroke of the keyboard has lasted me. Giddy-up.
But yeah, continuing The Journey, writing songs, making videos and taking care of the homefront is wildly challenging. I haven't actively tried to share my videos in years (barring the Newt Gingrich one, etc.) and I know viewership is as low as it has ever been. Thankfully it doesn't matter because I'll always be the first and longest running and that gets me press and keeps me going. In fact...
That is from the magazine, The Parkview, out of Springfield Missouri which is, you ready for this? A HIGH SCHOOL MAGAZINE.
Come to think of it I'm not sure if that's extremely advanced or woefully behind. HAAA. It's advanced for 20 years ago when I went to high school, but the fact that she couldn't link me to the story online and had to mail me the magazine does scream mid-90s. <shrugs> But I personally think this is very, very cool. And how amazing is the Springfield Missouri connection!?!??! Entry 0001??

Entry #1

8:18 PM - January 2nd, 2000...

Springfield, Missouri,

Which, now that I think of it, means the graduating high school senior girl that wrote this piece was at most FIVE when I uploaded that entry.
I'm actually a teensy bit dizzy right now. Like I typed that, whizzed through the journey in my head to now, and then thought "five" again. Godddddddddddddamn this is one big-ass project.
Alright, back to life. One-thousand-three-hundred-fifty-seven entries later.