2:49 PM, Wednesday, July 17th, 2013:
I can say it now, the next day, after watching the video a dozen times: that really wasn't bad and JD really was being careful and going for the noodles...
...however even typing that sentence is insane to me because all the adults at that table let that slip and honestly? I blame me because I've grown up with dogs my entire life and, DUH, you never let a dog eat something out of a kid's hand. The diversion here was that each step of the "Cuteness" was so subtle, it didn't even enter my mind that we were to a point where a dog THAT size would be eating a SPAGHETTI NOODLE out of a 9 month old's hand.
I started on the other side of the table and our two dogs were underneath her enjoying her spaghetti feast. It was extremely cute and the dogs were digging the manna from heaven. Then Karen said it was cute that LeeLoo (the tiny one) was licking Vienna's hand, so I came over to video tape it. This is a legit warning to those who know. love or even remotely care about Vienna: this video sucks... but she's completely fine and didn't even have a MARK on her. I'm honestly uploading it for other parents with dogs. You should watch this. You should get a pit in your stomach and you should let this sink in. However, and I cannot make this clear enough (in fact new paragraph time)...
Mom, do not watch this video. Dad? You're probably ok - lol, but under no circumstances should my mom hell... she shouldn't even READ this. Everyone else, it's a great lesson and let me again reiterate: not a scratch. In fact JD was incredibly sweet even though he could've eaten her hand off. Goddamn were we lucky here...
JD was being very calm, wagging his tail and simply wanting to participate in the spaghetti that CeBe and LeeLoo were enjoying. I was constantly watching his tail and Vienna was in no position to annoy him and of course, it happens. She moves her hand back and he goes to eat the noodles off her hand. Talya says no and pushes him away immediately, Karen jumps in with a loud NO as I move closer and it looks like in trying to get the noodles he gets her fingers. If he did? He didn't break the skin.. Of course since we're not accustomed to screaming in Vienna's face, she cries and stops within 30 seconds. Maybe he caused her some discomfort but within a minute it was like nothing had happened... to her. Of course Talya and I have been privately melting down ever since.
The interesting part here is that the past 3 days for Vienna has been the worst diaper rash plus her two front teeth coming in and she has been in LEGIT pain. She can't win. Poor sweetie. The interesting part being we know very well what a pain cry is and she just never had it with the spaghetti incident. And again on watching and listening to the video multiple times, she was just scared because everyone yelled and jumped. We now know everything is fine and we move onto what every parent knows: unbelievable guilt.
We fucked up. Like, this couuuuuuld have been super bad, and considering how smart am about animals? How insane I've been about never leaving her alone with ANY animal - not even letting our dogs be CLOSER to her than we are? This was just a massive, massive screw-up. First of all, JD is too big to be around kids. Nicest dog ever, but too big to be around any kid under 7 or 8 years old. I don't give a shit who disagrees with me, I don't want to hear from pit-bull lovers about how nice they are, blah, blah blah... JD being sweet with a baby could still kill a baby. He's probably heavier than I am. We have the ability to put him in the guesthouse when we're outside, and of course we will from now on when we have the kid with us.
Let me also repeat, JD did nothing wrong - we did. Watching the video again you can see how gentle he's trying to be, we're just the dumbasses that thought it was FUCKING CUTE to let a 9 month old have a 150 pound dog eat NOODLES off her hand. I rail on and on about baby pictures with dogs where they put them face to face and how incredibly stupid that shit is - and I let that happen?!?!?! UGGGGGGH.
As you hear in the video I grabbed Vienna and immediately told everyone "calm energy, everyone" so we could see if she was really hurt or just freaking out 'cause others were freaking out. Once she was alright I saw Talya kinda processing everything and I told her to just be cool until we got Vienna to bed (we also had a bunch of golf peeps coming over right at that moment) and we could lose our minds when all that was done...
...and we kinda did. I mean, in the way two really mellow people lose their minds, but for several hours (until 1am) we talked about it, hit every angle and cried a bit... just processed it all. I knew that for me? Because I had it on video? I would have to watch it a bunch so I could desensitize my brain to it. I had rewatched it once that day, it hurt my stomach and I couldnt see it again... today however? It wasn't that bad. Once I was far from the incident the video was actually helpful. We were able to settle on the one irrefutable truth: we were able to learn an extremely valuable lesson, feel ALL of the guilt and angst of this mistake... and the baby doesn't have a scratch on her. That's extremely fortunate. Extremely. Many parents aren't this fortunate. They do something stupid (like we all do) and the kid DIES. Or is permanently injured or hell is even slightly injured! We got alllllllllllllllll the experience (good and bad) with NONE of the sacrifice. Whew.
Seriously, whew. Talya and I will remember this (and the long night of sick-to-our-stomachs) forever. As I went to sleep last night I said to Talya: "Goodnight, enjoy the nightmares". Heh. And now our biggest issue is how to keep the balance between our kids respecting dogs and not being scared shitless of them. It shouldn't be a problem since Vienna will never remember this but it's gonna take a lot of strength on our part.
Whew. Cannot believe I got that on video. LOL. Contrary to popular belief I don't REALLY have a camera on at all times.