9:43 AM, Monday, July 8th, 2013:
This is more than futile. However, people who actually study this video and watch the hits closely will know that the shot, is indeed, a 1 in 100 shot.
Of course I hit the first one. LOL.
So as you can see, yesterday after a few more calls of "fix" online (which are mainly just to piss me off and they're just screwing with me) I made that video. Honestly? I thought it'd be 1 in 20. Really did. I've never just sat there with a bucket of balls and hit it over and over. It even proved to me just how "un-practiceable" the shot is. 97 tries? Of course how do I prove I'm actually trying... this is where actual intellect comes in:
Look at how close some of those shots are. I'm showing how hard I'm trying by getting so many "Birdie Set-ups" in the corner. That you can practice. And even those are a flip of a coin. And then of course you have to make that birdie shot. As Talya showed on Thursday, it's very easy to miss. Why? Because it's a trapezoid:
A circular ball traveling up a trapezoid like that has so much room for variance because of speed and angles, there's very little you can personally account for. Now, add in the fact that off the tee you are banking it off two walls? You can't master it. There is a practicing point you can get to, which is about 1 in 100, and that's as good as you're ever gonna get. Hit it about 5 times? And you're there.
Now of course nerves and how you handle pressure is a completely different area, and well, clearly I'm good in stressful situations. It has never really affected me. Even if I'm shaking and nervous I can calm myself down, take a few breaths and maintain a good performance. I'm not apologizing for that.
And hell, I wish I didn't have to defend winning! Normally? If this was a legitimate course? I would be screaming from the mountaintops what a badass I am. But as the CREATOR of said course? I have to insure it's fairness. And simply not playing implies that it IS unfair and the there are all these nuances that you can learn and do better than everyone else. There aren't. On the life of my daughter there really are only 3 or 4 little nuances (that everyone knows, ala #2 curves to the left) that once you hit it a few times? You understand it. "Leap of Faith" #9 also cannot be mastered. You get a hole-in-one once you think "ohhhhh, I get it..." and then never again. I hit a hole-in-one at the Superbowl Invitational in February and have never done it again. <throws hands up> You can practice setting up for a birdie, no doubt, but you cannot master an eagle. Too many variables. And even worse? Going for the eagle on #9 ups your chances of an "off-course" and a bogey...
...which is true of EVERY Par 3 on GolfKon. They can all be birdied with skill, but cannot be eagled without luck. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? That's why I always include the full tournament stats on the Majors page on GolfKon.com. Count the golden boxes:
For the three majors:
Hole 3 Eagle: 0 out of 157 - 0.000%
Hole 5 Eagle: 1 out of 157 - 0.637%
Hole 6 Eagle: 3 out of 157 - 1.911%
Hole 7 Eagle: 4 out of 157 - 2.548%
Hole 8 Eagle: 0 out of 162 - 0.000%
And although it isn't a Par 3, it's easily the most difficult Par 2 birdie...
Hole 9 Birdie: 8 out of 168 - 4.762%
Not sure what point I'm proving considering I got 2 of those 3 eagles on 6 - LOL - but in time? The stats will shake out. I'm a really big stat nerd, and I understand the anomally of what happened on that pyramid hole. The chances of my number coming up twice in back to back majors on that hole is astronomical...
...of course me setting up the camera and in one take saying that open and then stepping up and hitting it is also astronimical. Hell, maybe I'm just using up all of my luck now and I'll go years without another pyramid eagle. Sure freaking hope so.
Unfortunately though, the Labor Day Anniversary Open is 36 holes. (Sigh) And as a statistician? Knowing my consistency under pressure? It will be very difficult for someone to stay consistent through that many rounds and beat me. Which is why I am hitting up actual golf groups online and will be holding Saturday afternoon practice sessions throughout the summer. Hell I may even make a video detailing every possible angle on every hole. Someone, has, to beat me and I'm far too honest to throw a match or just withdraw. There's no integrity in that. The person who ends up winning wants to know they legitimately beat me.
And all of this ties into the charity event angle. The Labor Day event will introduce the players as characters and make it like a show you can follow online. There will be events outside of the "Majors" with themes, prizes, etc. And hopefully, businesses will sponsor these events for charity based on the views of the videos as much as the attendees that day.
...but we need some serious golfers to come whoop some ass. J. Nelson Watts and J.T. Bock are the two best contenders by far. Let's do this shit on September 2nd.