10:07 PM, Thurssday, July 4th, 2013:
God. Damnit. Let me just share the video so I can get on with the entry...
I know that no one believes that was luck, but since I'm always frightfully honest here, I at least know someone reading will believe me: that was luck. I don't practice that course. I never play it alone. I may have played it once, twice since the last major? And I don't always win when I play. In fact Jimmy came by a couple weeks ago and he played me, and beat me by 5 strokes. The truth is and always has been that it's a pretty straight forward course. There's not a lot of "tricks" to it. Play it 3 or 4 times and you know all the bells and whistles and it really just comes down to patience. I JUST SAID THIS in the last entry.
Yet somehow, even though I started poorly (seriously that shot in the sand had me quite nervous), I hit ANOTHER pyramid eagle (I had done it once before the Memorial EVER... and now I've done it twice in the finals!!?!??) and I mark the course record of 7 under in the back 9? Everything just happened to fall. It really was luck. I mean, that birdie on The Pipe Hole? Steven's reaction says it all:
He knew these were insanely lucky. And by this point I was already bummed. I don't want to win by 10 strokes. FUCK. Hey, let's make a course in your back yard, and then invite people over to beat them 4 times a year and then build a MONUMENT TO YOURSELF ON THE COURSE showing how good you are.
Not. My. Intention. I knew how hard it was to be consistent on the course, so I built that plaque feeling fortunate I was even on it once! And if I intend to make this a legitimate charity event and have people interested in playing? They can't feel that it's somehow rigged. Grrrrr.
During the game the guys were like "you need to not play." "you need to have a handicap." and the dad in me is saying "HELL NO. When someone beats me, they want to know it's LEGIT. Not that you played left-handed or you sat out. THAT to me is cheating. And what kills me?  Is the last couple rounds I had played before today I got PAR. Or (-1). SEVEN UNDER?? And I parred the first 4 holes so you're telling me in 14 holes I went (-11)?!?! For crying out loud.
I somehow need to find REAL golfers. The sad thing is, J. Nelson Watts actually is a real golfer, and came in that attire:
Shot a (-4) which would've tied him for the 2nd best qualifying score - and then he HAD TO LEAVE before the Finals. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. That would've been a great Finals. In fact, now that I think of it? I only need 3 other badasses and this won't be an issue. Hell even just having JT last time made it close. I know, I'm overanalyzing this, but I'm in danger of the entire thing imploding if it's seen as some VANITY day for Adam to give himself trophies. PLEASE, LEGITIMATELY, BEAT ME.
Now, the other awesomeness of the day was Talya finally putting together two halves of a round and getting into the Final Four. Often she would be (-3) going into Hole 8 and she would double or triple bogey. This time? She birdied it in her first game and sat at #2 all day without ever having to play again. Soooooooooooooo proud of her! And in fact, could've easily gotten 2nd place had it not been for the two meltdowns on the pyramid hole and her dreaded Hole 8. But hey, she got in and she'll be on the board.
Jimmy also melted down as you saw and man, that Plinko decision was brutal. He went from a (-4) to (E) in 2 holes. What a disaster. He'll be back on Labor Day and I fully expect he'll perform better. Here's all the stats from the day:
I wish I could be happy at how well I played, it was just horrible timing. If it had been against someone else playing well, then whoopee, but when you're lapping the field it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth... unless of course the course has credibility, which GolfKon doesn't, so yeah... bad taste.
So, the goal in the next two months: FIND SERIOUS GOLFERS... and of course get the specifics of the charity nailed down and get sponsors. Though I have to say, without a core of strong players or a major turnout (40+)? No one is gonna sponsor something that no one is going to watch on video later. And trust me, no one will watch 4 videos a year of me inviting people to my house and beating the shit out of them.